Writer will be watching the BS metre come the next election

It always seems to be the rich who come first with elected governments, not the common people

To the Expositor:

Hydro is a little cheaper now but for how long will this last? Our groceries, however, are going to increase when this happens. It’s not really helping anybody, but the government is saying they are helping. But where is the help?

We still struggle on these fixed incomes, it would help a little, but not solve it. I’m very good at budgeting my fixed income, but still I have to struggle with it. It’s not enough, this government is in mismanagement of finances and they are giving too many handouts to their rich friends and then there is not enough to really help the poor who are struggling with their incomes. Are they just oppressing the poor?

It’s the same thing with hospitals, they are not getting enough money either. This government is wasting a lot of money into its technology trying to improve services, it’s not working. We humans need to work in the hospital not machines that they are investing too much money into because stupid technology. The health care dollars are shrinking because of this and beds are needed too in the hospital.

We may have to start supporting our local farmers, too, for our meat products; it’s just getting too expensive at our grocery stores. Everything is being delivered from southern Ontario, that’s why it so expensive and way up for that delivery so it might be cheaper to buy our meat from local farmers and we should not let the government come in with their regulations, if they do they will just screw it up for us.

When the elections start up I will be watching these politicians very closely to see what kind of BS they will be telling our citizens or promises. They certainly know how to trick citizens into voting for them too, but remember its always the rich people who comes first with the government, we are just ordinary citizens, they do not have to listen to us remember that people.

Ronald Osawabine