Writer claims elders’ services in Wiikwemkoong still falling short of the mark

To the Expositor:

The service at the Amikook is still lacking. They are short on cars or drivers to service the community. They do not appear to be doing anything to improve it, they only have one car for this service.

Wiikwemkoong is a big community. Are they doing this on purpose to make life harder for people who depend on it? The director for this service does not seem to be able to find a solution to the problem. If they are doing it on purpose, then it becomes mental abuse.

I know how mental abuse can be used against somebody or people,  I see a lot of it going around in the community. There are always ways of talking about healing, but who is going to heal with all of this abuse going on? Even the helpers are sick too, I have been around that, I just did not hang around in this community for I got much wiser about life. Now they are suing the government for this and to me it’s not abuse, but the abuse came from the First Nations people. It’s still happening today.

I listened to the teachers, they were very nice and treated me well. I remember getting punished during my school years, I think it only happened two or three times during that time because that’s the way of life. If you listen, you do not get punished and for this I also learned how to self-discipline. I can see a lot of people cannot self-discipline these days. That is why they have a lot of financial problems.

Ron Osawabine