Wedding Extravaganza event to be held in Gore Bay will showcase Island

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GORE BAY—“Come see what Manitoulin Island has to offer for your special wedding day in 2019!” is the theme of a 2019 wedding extravaganza event taking place in Gore Bay on Saturday, January 19.

“We just felt it would be nice to showcase what we have on Manitoulin,” said Janis Hutchinson who, along with Dominique Chartrand and Ashley Martin, is organizing the event. “There are so many businesses on the Island that people can tap into for their wedding, but it needs to be in the forefront—more than word of mouth.”

“One of the main reasons we are putting this event on is to try and showcase local businesses that cater to a wedding event,” said Ms. Hutchinson. “At the Wedding Extravaganza we are hoping to have vendors for every part of a wedding such as hair stylists, makeup, DJs, caterers, photographers and nail artists on hand. We have a live band coming for this event as well as hopefully several others.”

“We have quite a few vendors on board already,” said Ms. Hutchinson who noted, “it would be nice to see Manitoulin Island become a venue for destination weddings.”

Among those that will be attending the 2019 Wedding Extravaganza is a woman who is from southern Ontario. “She is getting married on the Island this year,” said Ms. Hutchinson. “There has been a lot of interest expressed by brides-to-be for the event, so hopefully we’ll have a great turnout.”

“One of the big things about this event is that everyone will be able to network and find out what is available here, which is a big thing,” continued Ms. Hutchinson. She pointed, “each vendor on hand will have the opportunity to make a presentation about their business with a 15-minute segment on who they are and what their business is about. Everyone will have the opportunity to showcase their business.”

The Wedding Extravaganza will also feature draws, prizes and giveaways.

The 2019 Wedding Extravaganza will be taking place Saturday, January 19 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Gore Bay Community Hall in Gore Bay. Admission is $5 at the door. You can check out the event on Facebook typing in 2019 Gore Bay Wedding Extravaganza. Those interested in being a vendor can contact Dominique Chartrand at 705-929-0100. Tables are limited.

“If anyone has any questions or concerns they can call me at 705-282-2020 (at the Flower Hutch) or Dominique at 705-9292-0100,” added Ms. Hutchinson.

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