Water Forms displays the beautiful works of artist Lauren Satok

Artist Lauren Satok has an exhibit of her works, ‘Water Forms,’ on display at the Perivale Gallery in Spring Bay, until September 15.

SPRING BAY – The quintessential Perivale Gallery, situated in Spring Bay and surrounded by tranquil grounds, is presently exhibiting the works of Manitowaning artist Lauren Satok.

Ms. Satok was born in Toronto and studied at the University of Guelph. She has worked in India and Nepal in rural communities helping to establish self-sustaining agricultural practices. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has studied art history, visual studies, English literature and pre-contact Canadian history.

Ms. Satok has been active as a painter and mentor for at-risk youth and adults in Toronto. She has also lived in Montreal and British Columbia. In 2016, she moved to Manitoulin.

Her core painting practice addresses multiple lenses through which wild and built environments impact communities which are often isolated, both environmentally and socially.

A release states that Ms. Satok is presenting an exhibition and sale of her works, named ‘Water Forms.’ As stated, her work “describes well-known places on Manitoulin at varying times of the year reflecting change, movement, stillness and mood. Whether it is snow-covered roads, intermittent spring run rivers, evening thunderheads or the coming fall rains, Lauren’s paintings aim to engage and immerse viewers in Manitoulin Island’s beauty and spirit.”

With titles like ‘Upper Kagawong River,’ ‘Big Lake Dam,’ ‘Misery Bay,’ ‘Sheguiandah Bay—Still Waters,’ ‘Sugar Shack—Spring River,’ ‘North Channel,’ ‘Strawberry Channel Lookout,’ ‘Waterforms—South Baymouth’ and ‘Manitowaning Bay—Ice Melt,’ Lauren’s paintings celebrate the waters of our Island and can be seen as documents and homages of shared place and spirit and a way to connect, share and see water’s ever present and essential place in our lives.” 

Ms. Satok’s art is a celebration of different phases of water and of different seasons. She explained that her process takes a long time. “It doesn’t just jump out of your paintbrush. I walk and hike and work in my garden to experience weather changes and seasonal changes. I am always photographing constantly, to use it as a memory.”

Her photos serve as a personal archive and as references; she sometimes uses a photo as a compositional aid, perhaps to reference distance or maybe light.

In speaking with the Recorder, Ms. Satok expressed her gratitude for the backing she has received from Manitoulin residents. “I am really grateful for the support around my painting projects,” she said, while adding that her art “takes a lot of focus. It is an unusual vocation.” 

Ms. Satok’s paintings show a beautiful choice of palette hues and blends producing gorgeous skies and intriguing landscapes.

Her work will be displayed at the gallery until the closing on September 15.