Transport ministry outlines 2019 roadway projects for Manitoulin

TMANITOULIN—The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has outlined its 2019 roads projects for Manitoulin Island.

“Construction work on 26 kilometres of Highway 540 from 15 kilometres west of Highway 551 to 19 kilometres west of Highway 6 started in 2018 and will continue through 2019 with completion scheduled for fall 2019,” said Kristin Franks, regional issues and media advisor for the MTO Northeast region. “The contractor for this project is Pioneer Construction Inc.”

Ms. Franks explained, “pending funding and approvals, construction is planned to start in 2019 for the rehabilitation of Indian Point Bridge on Highway 540 (eight kilometers west of Highway 540A/Airport Road) and Manitou River Bridge on Highway 542 (six kilometers north of Highway 6 at Sandfield). Construction is anticipated to be completed by the fall of 2019.”

“There is an ongoing engineering assignment for Highway 6, from two kilometers north of the Swing Bridge (Little Current) northerly 16 kilometres,” continued Ms. Franks. “This project also involves the rehabilitation of Highway 7041 (Whitefish) and includes the replacement of the Whitefish River Bridge. Field work activities will continue in 2019. Construction is planned to start in 2020 pending funding and approvals.”

Ms. Franks noted, “field work related to the Swing Bridge planning and Environmental Assessment study will continue in 2019. Planning is underway for a Public Information Centre on the Swing Bridge for the summer of 2019. Visit the project website ( which provides project information, updates and notices of upcoming meetings and milestones.