Tobermory group disappointed with S.S. Norisle change of tack

The fate of the Norisle may be up for discussion once again.

TOBERMORY—Michael Marcotte, president of the Tobermory Maritime Association (TMA), was surprised to hear the news that Assiginack council may be taking a different tack when it comes to the Norisle’s future.

As was reported previously, Mr. Marcotte had been in talks with the municipality to see the Norisle taken over by the TMA, towed to Tobermory and scuttled just outside the Fathom Five (Marine) Park at Little Cove Harbour in 120 feet of water where it would become a new destination dive site.

Mr. Marcotte said it appeared to be a conflict of interest for this council, referencing Mayor Dave Ham and Councillor Rob Maguire’s past interest in the vessel as members of the S.S. Norisle Steamship Society and that he had yet to be contacted by the council or the municipality about any possible change in plans.

“We’re just trying to save her from the scrapyard,” Mr. Marcotte told The Expositor, adding that the TMA was still awaiting permits to scuttle the Norisle, so all was not set in stone.

“I am a little disappointed, but if I get to see her sailing again one day, that would be beautiful,” he continued.

Mr. Marcotte said that if things don’t work out with the Norisle, he’d still be happy to give her a home in the depths near Tobermory rather than see the vessel scrapped for metal.