Three-year-old alerts grandparents to woman in distress

LITTLE CURRENT—Three-year-old Kyllun Green was visiting the home of Connie Pinand in Little Current when he garnered some pretty impressive hero credentials after alerting his family to an accident taking place on the sidewalk across the street.

Although pretty new to this whole talking thing, young Mr. Green made up for any shortcomings in articulation with perceptive persistence in the face of an emergency.

“He said ‘Gramma, Gramma, lady on the sidewalk she fall’,” said Peggy Green, the boy’s grandmother who lives in Little Current. “We had just been to visit great grandmother Freda Farquhar in the Manor. Then we walked over to Channelview Apartments (next door to the Manor). I didn’t think too much of it at first.” Ms. Green and her grandson had gone on a second visit to see her aunt, Connie Pinand.

The observant young man was insistent and they went to look out the window to see what he was upset about. Outside on the sidewalk, across the street, an elderly woman had fallen on the sidewalk. They rushed to her aid.

“She was in a lot of pain,” said Ms. Green. “Some people came out of the Manor with something to cover her up until the ambulance got there.”

Ms. Green estimated that it was somewhere between a half hour and 40 minutes before an EMS crew was on the scene. “I don’t know where they came from,” she said. “Mindemoya maybe?”

The issue of ambulance response times has been raised with the Northeast Town council recently. Ambulance response to critical incidents is mandated to be under six minutes, but the distances and low population numbers in rural areas like Manitoulin often mean the closest ambulance is on another call and the responding crew must come in from Wikwemikong, Mindemoya or even further afield.

Luckily for the elderly woman who fell on the sidewalk, Kyllun Green was on watch.

“He’s a pretty special little guy,” said Ms. Green. “We are pretty proud of him.”