The Angel Bus Committee is asking Island residents to “pay it forward”

Ted Kilpatrick and Sandy Cook along with Jan and Don Bainbridge, who are also volunteers with the Angel Bus program.

MANITOULIN—“Paying it forward” means to respond to a person’s kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.

April 28 is designated as “Pay It Forward Day.” April 15 to the 21st is Volunteer Week. In conjunction with these two events, the Angel Bus Committee asks you to consider paying it forward once or twice a month as a volunteer driver.

Some things in life are givens: growing up, we all have been treated with kindness by others; throughout our lives, we all have shown kindness to others; and sometime in the future, we all will need to be treated with kindness by others who will be paying it forward.

The Angel Bus provides a kindness as a non-profit transportation service for those with accessibility/mobility requirements. The Angel Bus is much needed, much appreciated by its riders and receives strong community financial support. However, it is a given that the Angel Bus does not run without volunteer drivers. 

To be a volunteer driver, you need only a police clearance and a medical examination, at no cost to you, and a standard driver’s licence.

Once another Angel Bus volunteer driver has shown you the simple routines of operating the bus, you are ready to drive. You choose how many times and when you volunteer. The requests are sent out to all volunteer drivers by email, and you are free to respond as it suits you. There is always a porter/helper on the bus with the clients. Your job is to help load and then simply drive.

To take the support that we as individuals have had in life and pay it forward whenever we can, is a life affirming experience. It is said, “From what we get, we make a living—from what we give, we make a life.”

The Angel Bus Committee is hoping that you will consider becoming one of its volunteer drivers. Please contact Sandy Cook to volunteer or for further information at or 705-282-8876.