Tehkummah Talk & Times

Day 50: Half of 100, Monday, May 4. “The power of finding beauty in the humblest of things make home happy and life lovely.” Louisa May Alcott

I took this quote from this month’s ‘Woman’s Day.’ I thought with everyone spending more time at home, well!

Sherry was baking bread and delivering it here and there around family and friends. They spent the weekend back at the camp and cut out more roads/trails (my family). I think I’ve really lost it, smacking my lips over dark chocolate and laughing at a funny movie, 3:30 am. Don’t know what I’ll do for breakfast! I read this week (x2) ends’ sermon. It was very thought provoking!

Day 51: Cinco De Mayo, I’m going to make a king cake to celebrate.

I had a friendly sounding lady wanting to get rid of her rent money, I offered to take it off her hands. She kind of laughed?

Derek said when he called they had seen a bear. They were just coming out of hibernation out there.

Day 54: I don’t think living alone with two cats to talk to is so healthy. I still, as you can see, have a pen in my hand but my mind is gone, back into the past. I am reassessing my life. I was going to have money, I was going to travel, but I’ve never had any time to make any or to go anywhere either for that matter. When all is said and done are we supposed to be exactly where we are right now in our lives? A famous artist I’m not, a famous author I’m not, a person of interest perhaps, but more of a curiosity than anything. A famous gardener I could deal with. What is our purpose in life? What are we really meant to be or for? When nothing else works my pen seems to. That old saying, and I say it often now, “what am I here for?” or “where is it?” Or “I just had it.” See, I told you, I’ve lost it! And it’s overcast, maybe it’s the day? Not! 

What a sweetheart. I get off the phone smiling after a good long talk and a lot of laughs with my dear friend Helen Oswald. She makes my day.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Pauline and I were having a good phone visit when a knock came to my door. Once again food, as Bobbi Jo was out there standing in the snow bearing gifts. I saw this flashing light and thought it was a vehicle, but all of a sudden, a huge loud thunder roll. I guess that was it! Scared me.

Another thing scared me, I cooked a few of those small carrots in the microwave in a cup of water. I ate a couple. The next day the water was emerald green. Can anyone tell me what they treat them with? Or should we eat them?

I have only compliments for our people in power and the efficient management for the way this coronavirus has been handled so far. They, the workers of the front line still doing their jobs. Lots of recognition in windows, even in our area. Rumour has it there is a lot of music to salute and cheer on Facebook too. Do you realize that unless you hear a “Hi Ho Silver Away” you may never again be able to say, “who was that masked man!”

A Friday morning surprise from a friend who has run out of cards for mailing. That was nice. Perhaps soon Pat Falter will get to her summer place in Providence Bay. So good to hear her voice and have a laugh or two. Mollie too called this morning to help with their social isolation, she has a wild goose nesting six floors below her. Like having outdoor TV. She also had a pair of pigeons land on the deck. One was wrapped up in sticky tape, poor thing.

Though the second stem of my amaryllis looked like it was only going to have two blooms, it has four, very beautiful!

The white bougainvillea is loaded with tissue paper clusters of bloom. The stress must be too much for it though. I am keeping it well watered, it has dropped just about all of its leaves. It’s in a southeast facing window, perhaps too hot on the sun days and it has entwined with another plant. I could move it!

A phone call from cousin Joan wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day, chatting and laughter. Cal called, I get interestingly addressed mail.

Day 55: Saturday. Snow on the ground! Well my day started with a laugh, of course when you talk with Lyle Dewar you leave the phone laughing. How do you get a one-armed Canadian down from a pole? You wave at him! This story may have lost something in translation, oh yeah, the song too.

Can we finally wash the rest of our bodies? Our hands are really clean now.

Watching a movie with a ferris wheel reminded me of when I was a kid in “Ladysmith” when Peg and I got stuck up on top. I thought it was for an hour and a half, could have been longer or less. I was just a kid, probably eight or nine. I remember Peg screaming. I was probably too scared to open my mouth. I do still remember the view.

Day 56: Can you imagine a Mother’s Day dinner of leftover “Sketti”. I have been livin’ high on the hog, so to speak lately. I did consider going for take-out at Carol’s and Earl’s, but was just too darned “laze”. It’s kind of cool outside anyway.

I have been busy on the phone most of the day, as I write 60 minutes is on TV, kind of interesting and detracting. Ghost guns and COVID-19? First phone call was from Derek and Jodi, very early so they must have been up very early. Said temp 15 degrees out there today. Next call from Sherry filling me in on their camp works and morel finding. Then a call from Tory and Amelia, two of the great-grands Desmond and Declan, baby Derek doesn’t know me yet! That was nice. Then this evening a nice call from Kim and Kathy from Meaford. We don’t talk a lot on the phone anymore, but then they haven’t been to the Island for forever, it seems. We would have to visit long distance, no hugs. I’m sure a lot of folks are missing those these days. In the middle of the night I made a couple of Mother’s Day cards for Tara and Sherry. I just may make a few more (lots) for the rest of the girls. I am not out shopping. I am celebrating Mother’s Day in my isolation for all of you.

A Mother’s Day message (our Sunday sermon) nicely stickered up from Lorna Russell, thank you.

I gave Lori a call before bedtime. She says she is feeling so much better. She is on newer medications and her hummingbirds have arrived. The poor little things come through in the coldest weather.

This Monday morning a surprise call from my nephew Peter McCauley in Breslau, Ontario.