Tehkummah Talk & Times

A one-man band with GREAT back-up vocals on Tuesday afternoon at the hall celebrating November and December birthdays. Thanks to Peter Tilston and the banjo and song sheets. Margaret McCarthy, the birthday girl, did the birthday party (not fair). Marg Case also Norm Hore and Lyle Dewar, November birthdays. December: Cal Pyette, Norma Thoma and I, December 31. Just Margaret M., Cal and I to blow out candles. Lois, as always, brings a good contest. Carol Lee won the Christmas Bible quiz, 20 out of 20; Lyle was working Prov Dinner. Gordy not well. Winner of the Triangle Club money draw, Janice Sevaile, $500; Calvin Sagle, $300; Melissa Morrison, $200 (drawn at the turkey supper Saturday, November 16).

Anna and Rob Gill were at the apartment for hunting week. Don’t know how the hunt went. Hello, Corrine!

You just never know where the road is going to take you. After Lois mentioned the turkey supper at Prov tonight I thought, “What the heck?” A bit of a foggy drive going up, but clear sailing coming home until we got near home. Laurene went up with Joan and Evelyn and came home with me. We stayed for the euchre. Bill Montgomery won men’s high; ladies’ high, Eva Bond; low, Lois; I won the horseshoe; lone hands, Marg.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Irene!

Christmas is coming to Tehkummah, too! Tammy’s Christmas tree; Eugene’s windows and Methner’s yard so far. Looking good!

The seniors club room in Providence Bay is decorated beautifully; even a rotating Christmas tree (to the ceiling).

Got a newsy letter from Pat Falter who, it seems, has been going through many trials/floods and hospital visits. Thinking of you.

I followed some of the card playing ladies to the Prov supper and invited myself to sit with them. A nice lady across from me, too. I visited with her, name Pat Wettle? Right?

Cribbage, Wednesday, six tables: three high hands, Gib, Glenda and Doris; high, Betty Jean and Bill, 963; second, Ted and Ruth, 953; third, Dorothy A. and Bobbi Jo, 929; low, Dolly and Dorothy C.; door prizes, Ruth McG., Shirley, and Dorothy C. We all had a great time. Come out and join us Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. Flo was a new player today!

Thursday euchre tournament, six tables: tied for first, Marg and Marlaine, Pat and Sharlene, 83 points; third, Ken and Dorothy, 75; fourth, Pat and John Novak, 70; first, second and third place winners each got six lone hands; low, Eva and Ruth, 50; door prize, 50/50, Jeanine.

Hunt talk, game is scarce, or they didn’t have the right tag.

So, we got past the shortest and darkest day. Nothing but blue skies from now on! Ha!

Sherry popped in this morning, gave an update. Tory had left for Ottawa this morning. Kim came in this afternoon to say goodbye, he was heading for his Meaford home.

Apparently, lots of bear signs back at the camp, at least five different ones according to track size, even a cub. Don Hall also saw a couple of bears in his area, perhaps they are not hunting the right animals?

The most delicious meat ever was a bear roast quite a few years ago. Actually, I blackmailed a guy to get it!

At least 20 tables of crafts and products including nail salon at the Community Church on Saturday, November 23. Pauline had the knitted items (for our church) there so I got to guard the table while she went home to say goodbye to her son Steve (after the hunt). It was a great place to visit with friends, too. Social events. Christmas in Tehkummah is this Saturday, November 30 at the Community Hall.

The man in black preached the sermon this morning. When he picked up the guitar he did not sing a Johnny Cash song. But, “I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone.” Today was communion Sunday, Lynda and Kathy, serving Elders today.

Advent is upon us just a month today (Monday, November 25) is Christmas Eve service at 6 pm at our Fairview church this year. Thanks, Diana!

Earl and Liz are back home again and out are the Christmas decorations. Lorrie and Earl were making it look kind of Christmassy. The season of Christmas parties is just beginning.

The neighbours are home again. They spent the weekend at the camp. No use heating the frying pan up! 

May all your skies be as gorgeous as Monday morning’s, November 25, as I remember Mom’s birthday and am already writing Christmas cards.