Tehkummah Talk & Times

What a touching Remembrance Day service at the Tehkummah Hall on Monday, November 11. A good crowd of folks came to share and respect those who fought and/or died for us in the wars. Pastor Wendy Payne led the program and service, sharing stories, too, of her mother’s and father’s experiences (some quite harrowing.) The Remembrance Day video was especially touching. Rick Gordon read the names of those who had fought in the two world wars. The wreaths were laid. Veterans, Barb Flaherty; Afghanistan, Eileen Leeson; Township of Tehkummah; Eric Russell; Triangle Club, Floyd Hall; opening prayer, David Jaggard; Remembrance Day prayer, Wendy Payne; music, Ramona Jaggard; ‘In Flanders Fields,’ Evelyn Santos; I read one of my first poems, ‘Poppies’ and sang ‘The Soldier’s Last Letter.’ A display table of memorabilia including Fred Russels, kit bag, etc. A photo of Rick Gordon in a sailor uniform, who looked amazingly like his son looks now? It’s hard to put in words how touching this ceremony/tribute was. A nice table of refreshments and snacks and the social time. I met two new ladies, Jessica from Big Lake and Claire from Michaels Bay Road (hope I got that matched up), also two of Simon’s nieces, Susan and Connie.

As it was two years ago today since Mom’s funeral. The luncheon was held at the Hall after the Remembrance Day service that day. We will remember them. Thanks, girls, for the good lunch.

World Hello Day, November 21. Celebrate by saying hello to at least 10 people and don’t forget to “SMILE”.

Sorry, Ronda, I gave your 50/50 to Betty Jean in last week’s column, re bid euchre.

Don’t you love the Shreddies commercial. It makes me smile every time.

I heard today, Monday, that Calvin Pearson had passed away, he’s had quite a battle with cancer. Sympathy to friends and family.

Evelyn Santos is officially a downtown Tehkummah resident. Welcome. Hope you are happy in your new home. 

You know how long it takes to cook a pot of beans, but by the time you smell them it’s too late. Rats! I had my mouth all set too, I salvaged some, maybe?

A snowy old Wednesday, we had four and a half tables for cribbage. Two high hands of 24, Bill Case and Patrysha; first, Margaret and Lorrie, 948; second, Ruth and Bill McGregor, 943; third, Betty Jean and Bill, 906; honorable mention, Donna and Hugh, 904; everyone else under 900 today; low, Shirley and Glenda, 823; door prizes, Betty Jean, Bill and Ruth McGregor. Great to have Ruth McDonald back with us today.

The CMA awards show started out heavy to the “Old Country” that we grew up loving, honoring the women of country music.

Bid euchre Thursday afternoon had four tables and one: first, Donna Corbett, 205; second, Pat Novak, 176; third, Laura Scott, 159; low, Pat Nelder, 84; 50/50, Pat Norton.

In my Lazy Girl chair, feet up. We are not too long back from Espanola. A business trip. A full car with the four generations travelling together and we kind of shopped a bit! The first stop, we admired Ashley Case’s hair cutting ability as she shaped up Sherry’s hair. There was a pretty redhead in the other chair. A few snowflakes flying but the patch of blue as big as a Dutchman’s breeches budded well as we drove home in lovely sunshine. We had lunch at the Golden Dragon. Shopped at GT and the mall. Picked up my glasses. Had a great in-mall visit with the Turtle Creek folk, Joyce and Jack. We didn’t want to stop visiting his cousin Theresa. Fern Patterson just smiled her way by. Roberta and Larry Cress followed us, we think. Peter Tilston, a quick hello. Island Day? It was very busy. The days before hunting, like the days before Christmas.

An eagle was soaring over Ten Mile Point when we drove by. Skylar spotted three deer. They seem amazingly scarce this year.

The St Andrews By the Sea annual fundraiser, as always, was good. Seemed to have a lot of family groups at the second setting. The Sagle family across from us was large. What I like about this dinner each year is the hugs. I seem to get quite a few. Some folks I only see once a year, Like Nancy and George Arnold. Lance Sagle was the first hello walking in. Always good to see Dolly’s parents. Her name changed to Winnie (dog). John and Sharon Savage. They got the puppy from me 13 years ago? Sharon has been held back slightly with a broken ankle lately.

Martin was back today at St. Andrews and gave us much to think about with today’s sermon.

What do I talk about besides what I do? It’s what I eat, right? Taste buds put to the test again this year as we all met at the camp for pre-hunt dinner. Kim is main camp cook, chicken and pasgetti casserole was most popular. Venison layered cabbage rolls, venison bacon (macaroni cups), Reuben rolls (sour kraut and venison), smoked fish, baked beans, chili, orange salad, and I missed some I’m sure. I made biscuits and peanut butter cookies. The Big Buck contest and the Big Buck award, which wasn’t so big (the buck that was), karaoke, two teams headed by Lori and Tory. Team songs and duos and solo. Went down with Pauline and Wayne, came home with Tara. Winners, we all were.