Tehkummah Talk & Times

It was so beautiful, sunny and warm Monday morning. I got to sit outside about 15 minutes before the clouds rolled in and spoiled it all for me. Julie came by with Avon books. Sherry is back home again, and it sounds like the Jamaican holiday was quite wonderful.

We had eight tables today at cribbage. Always a great time, even a lone hand was given out. Spider and bats thanks to Sissy. We also had six high hands of 20 today, Laura, Bobbie Jo, Yogi, Ted, Hugh and Glenn, a Halloween tooney? First, Cal and I, 950; second, Georgina and Vicki, 942; third, Judi and Ted, 931; low, Gib and Florence, 826; door prize, Laura, Florence and Glenn; spooky hand, Georgina; bats, spiders and me. Lots of great Halloween treats/food.

Visitors with Andy and Linda Bowerman recently were Wilbert and Eleane and their son Rick Coe and granddaughter, Brook Coe from Wasaga Beach. These were long lost cousins until the Coe reunion held at Latter Day Saints Church in the Slash in 1978. They had a great short visit.

I was talking to Mollie (in Winnipeg) on Sunday evening. She had been down with the bug and was to get her second hand operated on November 1. She gets new knuckles, quite amazing. She has rheumatoid arthritis.

Just found the list of trick or treaters, 29 of them who came to my door in 2011. Only had four on Halloween, possibly due to the weather and the party at the Community Church. But, maybe we don’t “got” no kids no more!

My taxi came and picked me up for the party at the hall. Lori had some fun games organized and I did participate too. Blowing bugs, stacking apples and flipping cups, doing puzzles. It was fun. Rose was a prize-winning apple stacker.

A good hard-working crew for five hours transformed the community Hall into Christmas. It always takes longer than one thinks. Thanks to the male members of the U.C.W.: Robert, Wayne and Rick. We were all tired out. Betty thought to make sandwiches so that was great. We always have stuff in our cupboards. I have cut draw papers, peppers, onions and celery from my lazy girl chair. So, I’m kind of resting. My second pan of squares is in the oven. I made cookies earlier in the week, now it’s just to remember what I have to take to the hall in the morning. And darn it, it is snowing again. Lorna and Robert taxied me this morning. It was slippery, too.

Here we are in our lazy girl chair with feet up. I’m not tired or nothing much! Yes, the hall did look lovely. And as usual many wonderful and lovely door prizes, 15 and draws, 25.  I cannot thank everyone individually as I never know where they all appear from, as if by magic! Thank you so much for your generosity to us. We do appreciate it!

Youth door prize draws, Brooke and Madison; adult door prizes, Marie Lenney, Crystal, Laura Middlebrook, Jean Sagle, Judi Parkinson, Nora Tuck, Joan Beard, Bernice Lewis, Susan McCauley, Joan VanEvery, Betty Heis, Lynn Pickard, Jeanette Barrette; draw, gum drop and cherry cake, Pat Hall; candle ornament and chocolate, Ruth Tarr; Santa, Joan Arnold; teas and preserves, Lynn Garniss; Christmas basket, Joan VanEvery; preserves, Pauline Martin; JD’s plants, Eila Hughson; deer ornament, Pat Hall; cookie jar, Rita Glanville; marble turn table and accessories, Lynn Pickard; welcome sign, Sherry Case; peace on earth picture, Willie Pegalo; orchid plant, Santa holder, Willie Pegalo; shawl, Nicole Murphy; candle stick/candle, Nancy Sagle; ginger jar, Pat Hall; chafing dish, Valerie O’Leary; English tea, Elaine Leeson; snowman, Francis Tehkummah; whitehouse ornament, Pat Hall; surprise draw, Eila Hughson; puzzle, Carol Lee; picture, Jeanette Barrette; casserole case, Janice Pillips; free draw, decorative boxes, Sherry Armstrong; groceries, Yogi Martin; Pauline’s table (vendor), place mats, Margaret McCarthy; Gail Martin’s table (vendor), maple syrup and honey, Joan VanEvery.

Triangle Seniors’ Club draws: these had been going for a while, two drill sets, Doris Bayers; Christmas dishes, stemware and doily, Sherry Armstrong. Madison, I lost your phone number, please call me at 705-859-3191.

I met Karen Holman who resides where Milan Lee lived and a sister-in-law to Sharlene. Welcome to the area.

Brooke, who helped Sherry with the draws, is spending the weekend with Grammy Susan.

Gail and Steve spent the weekend at the camp. And I missed the turkey dinner!

Ray, Tara and Skylar spent Saturday night at their camp. Good idea with hydro off Sunday.

Good to say hello to many friends at the tea. I didn’t hear anyone singing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” but inside or out?

There was no price listed on the haunted house. I liked the poem, though.

Rob Gill was at the apartment last week. I didn’t get to say hello or ask how the hunting was. Hi, Corrine!

An Armistice Day service will be held at the hall on November 11 at 11 am.

The birthday party is celebrated on the third Tuesday at 1:30 pm. This one celebrates November and December birthdays. All are welcome (no age limitation!)

Today, Saturday, I heard of the death of Laverna Gallings (to pancreatic cancer). Sympathy to her family and her dear friends. I had a nice phone chat with Barb this evening, and over the years received notes from Laverna who I met through my column. I have had the privilege to meet many wonderful people just because I write. Everyone leaves a print on your heart.

Cal had Jeff and Anita visiting on Saturday evening from Bracebridge.

Shoot, I see snow falling again and still no power on. So, I went for a drive to Carol’s and Earl’s where I found friends Barb and Hugh and more conversation and more snow. Must be warmer in Tehkummah, though. Thanks once again, my good timing. 

This week’s highlights: Lori’s Halloween games. Friends and gratitude for their generosity and support. We are blessed. Eileen just phoned with a reminder about tomorrow’s Triangle Club meeting.

Pat Nelder was third with 179 at bid euchre, (last).