Tehkummah Talk & Times

Cribbage, October 9: high hand, 24; first, Brad and Dorothy, 954; second, Donna and Hugh, 945; third, Cal and Rod Pyette, 923; low, Betty Jean and Marg, 884; door, Patsy, Marg Case and Sheila.

A drive up the Providence Bay Road on Friday was a sight to behold. It was obvious Mother Earth was saluting, the colours bold and beautiful! It was after dark when I returned in the rain, and it still looked good. This thanksgiving weekend, the perfect time for leaf peeping! A short jaunt to the store, I picked a few tomatoes. It does feel like we could get frost tonight. Yogi said Tracy (somewhere around Sudbury?) hit the water barrel? with his plastic wash dish and broke it on the ice! I guess it’s that time of year. The birds seemed very busy at the feeder today. I have a batch of PB cookies ready for the oven (when I get the energy). Sherry still sounds unwell. I’m OK kind of; if I laughed the cough mechanism kicks in, and I do feel some better. Made some cranberry apple just in case there’s a turkey somewhere!

When we left Sherry and Dave’s about 10 pm Sunday, the moon was creating beautiful interlocking puzzle pieces out of the clouds. What a beautiful night.

What a lovely evening. Supper was a full meal Sherry style. Turkey and works, delicious pie dessert, plus all the potluck additives, which seems like re-enactment tomorrow evening? Ray, Tara, Jacob, Marg, Derek, Jodi, Alicia and me. Going down, I just turned on “Elwin’s Honey Wagon” Thanksgiving show with Christine and Big Mike? So, I took the long way, driving 20 km/hour, and even on the highway there was no traffic moving. So, got to enjoy most of the show. The first two songs, John Anderson and Chris Christopherson, I had never heard before. I listened to Ray Stevens and that was it! Thanks, Elwin, I sure enjoy them when I do listen in!

Did I tell you a deer ate my good Swiss chard and then over in Tara’s garden he pulled her carrots? They were just starting to grow.

I’m jumping over. I just wanted to talk a minute about gratitude. How thankful a “momma” I am. Just the fact that the family gets along so well. It’s a joy and a privilege to be a part of it all. We do have our trials, but seem to be optimistic despite it all. You just have to keep singing and keep looking up!

We had a wonderful sermon today. Martin is taking a break. Family Brown helped fill the pews today and the music and voices (I didn’t get to say hello). I don’t think I’m still germy, but who knows how long that lasts (I feel better), I was up early making buns and stuff. The corn is going off of Anstice’s fields this week. Reports of bear sightings and bear accidents with vehicles in the rain? Tara says she’s pretty sure she saw a grey deer, three together right here in Tehk city limits.

Tuesday morning, I took a run out to Sunsite to say goodbye to my kids who are heading west! Their house looks lovely, the outside completely done. It will seem strange to Derek and Jodi to be home in British Columbia again. Their poor old cat has been batching it this long while with the help of a neighbour and Gary’s Barb. Derek had a picture of Gary on his phone. He looked Mountain Man Whiskery, even in the hospital bed!

Our faithful musicians, Lyle, Gordy, Harold and Peter provided the music for our birthday afternoon, always great! I read some Halloween riddle, provided by Lois. She also had a contest. I only got 19 out of 35 right, about Canada? Joan B. may have been the winner. They travel a lot, though. I did sing with my croaky voice. Marg Case made the cake, Jackie and Marg Cranston, September birthday girls got to blow out the candles!

We’re only a week behind our good Samaritans day, so do your R.A.K. thing.

We have some pretty wonderful people who come to our cribbages. Some wonderful cooks, too. We get to taste test after the fourth game every week! We have folks who give extra things for draws like t-shirts. Last week a turkey and a ham, (I missed that), this week packages of beautiful fish fillets, (I didn’t miss). So, thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. We had eight tables, and Dorothy Cronk looked after it for me this week. Again, thank you so much. One high hand, Marg McCarthy, 22; first, Marg Case and Sheila, 958; second, Janet and Glenn, 942; third, Patrysha and Laura, 933; low, Margaret McC. and Lorrie Lee, 860; door prizes, Rick, Sandra and Sheila; bonus prizes, Compliments of Glenn, Beverly, Pat H., Joy and Bobbi Jo.

Euchre tournament results, seven tables: first, Pat Dryden and Janice Phillips, 92 and 10 lone hands, wow!; second, Donna and Eva, 86; third, Marg and Marlaine, 72; fourth, Andy and Linda, 71; low, Donna and Hugh, 49; door, 50/50, Marlaine. K.P. duty, Dave and Shirley Nelder, good lunch, lots of goodies!

I hear there is to be a Hallowe’en party at the Hall.

Thank you for all the many blessings this week.

Cal told me Raymond had a fall, his daughter Shirley says he is doing fine.

I shopped a bit after the spaghetti supper, that was part of the euchre tournament at Knox United Church Hall this afternoon, the 18th. Good pasta, delish salad. I didn’t have dessert, didn’t need it. Sat with Glenna and Clayton for supper. Winners, Donna and Hugh; Betty Jean and Dorothy, one or two; Marg Case and me, third. I can’t remember who won the door prize? But, I won the mystery draw, a lovely tin of cookies! So, a very good day. Low prize?

Going to town I saw a big bear in Holme’s field.

Coming home horse tail clouds (Mares) and sundogs, beautiful, 5:15ish. They hung up there, and the second one didn’t show up until I was almost home and was so much smaller, a weather indicator, I think. Later I went to see the Chi Cheemaun on its last Friday run, about 34 pieces came off. I didn’t get to count what went on. Kim came off the ferry and saw me there and turned around to say hello. Sunset was all feathery oranges and purple shades while driving in. Back home, nip in the air, wolves howling their songs and starry sky. Kim said there were about fifty on the dinner cruise. It would have been most enjoyable with the smooth sailing and beautiful sunset colours. Saturday I made a fresh pineapple apple upside down banana cake and took a container of cool whip. Kind of invited myself to supper at the camp (steak in mushroom sauce and fresh vegetables). The cake was for Kim’s birthday on Wednesday, October 23. I haven’t made him a cake for years. We were into the second game of cribbage when Hank drove in (Kim’s friend, neighbour and co-property owner). So, we did cut into the dessert. It got pretty good reviews! He was fixing tree stands, saving his cousin? I sat in the sun for a while, it was beautiful. Boy, it cools in those short evenings!

Sunday evening I went down to the restaurant. The evening hosted by Earl, Liz and Lorrie? The celebration to the end of the season. Lots of great food, most of the surrounding neighbours and businesses. I sat with Lynn, Lorrie Lee, Hugh and Barb. The evening got busier, a birthday cake was presented to Sharon Gleason, complete with candles and song. 

Norma and I had lunch at the restaurant (Carol’s and Earl’s) after church today. Debbie Robinson delivered the sermon as written by Justin Coutts (very good).

Ross and Susan Ward spent a week away in Nashville taking in their son Justin and his new bride’s wedding. I did see a picture (via phone). They looked a pretty handsome couple, a beautiful wedding gown. Susan’s Mom, Glenna, 94 (I think) and Susan’s sister Dorothy made it to the wedding as well. 

Kim stopped in on his way home to Meaford this afternoon (he and Toulin, his doggy sidekick!) I had just taken a vegetarian pizza out of the oven; the timing was good!