Tehkummah Talk & Times

I was thinking B.S. this morning, and adventure. How it was for us back in the day. Every once in awhile there would be a ball game between our schools. Of course, we all looked forward to that day. Did we take our lunches or have a picnic? There was always homemade ice cream, sometimes we got to churn. Now, I am talking a few years back, and usually the games were between the Slash and the Red School. On that special day we all piled into the back of J.C. Hall’s cattle truck to travel to or from. What excitement! Of course, he had the cattle racks on and straw on the floorboards. Picture 47 kids of all ages in a cattle truck hanging on the racks or just hanging on. The roads were much rougher back then. When the Red School came our way, they used the same method of transportation. Our big challenges were in the hayfield behind Bill McMurray’s home. Can you imagine the headaches the teachers must have endured? Back then no seats and no seat belts! (Therefore the B.S.). Memories of a time and kind, today’s kids will never know or even believe. I for one think our modern kids missed a lot, and perhaps today all the rules and regimentation are just plain B.S. (We travelled to the Fall Fair in Tehkummah by too the same method.)

One’s education continues. Same stuff, perhaps too late in life to do any good! I’m speaking on the romantic life of the grasshopper! While sitting in the sun I watched. Like it takes forever to win the heart, I’m thinking. First, I saw two grasshoppers face to face then one came in to face at a right angle, three lined up and did (striped) leg lifts. One more moves in and circles continually (might have been the line dance instructor), and two more join the line, some doing some impressive back flips (I guess to impress?) The leg lifts seem to be part of dance. The odd small click is heard, the instructor finally tries to get in on the action? In the meantime, one or two leave, don’t know if the same ones come back (they all look the same except for the smaller line dance instructor) finally a half an hour later making the connection, they (two) fly away! Marg Reckahn is next door with her family for the weekend. AKA Red Riding Hood! I’ve been picking flower seeds for roadside distribution. There are lots of seeds everywhere.

Darn it, I wanted to remind you all last week that September 5 was national cheese pizza day. September 6, national food bank day and September 7 was national hummingbird day! There are a few in my yard, so every day is for me. They come to the window to remind me if the feeder is empty. I had to find a new one this week. The bottle brush couldn’t take/reach all the mold that developed. That was quick. The old bottle is full of dings! But it has served its time! Annette and Wes hosted a “Fixing Our Felines” pasta dinner at Loco Beanz in Manitowaning. They raised $500 plus. Then she won a bundle of prizes in a draw, all things for cats or pets! I don’t know if the two events were connected? They had taken a day with their grandchildren before back to school. 

Always waiting for one more numbers at bingo, I needed 50 for the first line, and I needed 50 for the blackout. My free for the holiday card (with crystals) down to 15. They kind of sound the same. Tara joined me tonight; her first since August 5. We even had a girl from Australia taking back some Manitoulin money!

Looking up into a star studded sky on my way in to the house I saw something that was flying due east at warp speed. They really are out there folks!

Called Joan this morning. I’ve been missing her (both ways). Judy and Bob stopped to say hello today. They are always just passing through (Monday).

Don’t forget the third Tuesday is club birthday party. Anyone is welcome. If it’s your birthday, all the better (month). 1:30 pm.

The hummingbird feeder is emptying really fast these days.

My cup of coffee is still sitting there; only one mouthful gone. I was going to go to the laundromat at 7:30 pm. Here it is 10:30 pm and I have been once again going through all those memories, poems (some unfinished), cards, letters, sympathy, photos, I never ever get to the bottom before more gets on top. I need to take a year off!

Thank you, Shirley Dickenson, your name came up a lot. That was only one pile. Darned tears cloud things up, too.

I guess the rain’s going to last; the little chickadees are at the feeders.

The power off gives us a reminder every once in a while how vulnerable we are against the elements. Saw pictures of the devastation in the Bahamas on Susan and Simon’s TV, that “Dorian” is a mean one. Sometimes I’m happy locked in my little world of no TV. No news doesn’t trouble me! I had peach cobbler of Susan’s making, and she made peach muffins, too. I took her a couple of my muffins and a few sugar buns. Then the lights went out. On again by the time I’m home. Seemed like a good day for baking somehow, deary/rainy. Marg went home to Elliot Lake this morning. Happy Birthday, Regan (my great-great-niece), happy birthday, Jacob (my great-greatgrandson), happy birthday, Derek, the big one for the oldest kid!

Heard John Novak had carpal tunnel surgery this past week. Heal soon! Eugene Pyette is now a resident of downtown Tehkummah. Welcome to the city!

Wednesday afternoon cribbage, 8.5 tables. New folks to welcome, Reg and Sherry Hall finally made it. Just the day before I had been thinking of them. High hand today, Roy Hannah, 24; first, Lori and Rick, 958; second, Cal and I, 947; third, Maureen and Roy, 933; fourth, bonus, BJ and Peggy, 930; low, Ruth and Bill, 846; door, Donna, Sheila and Lori.

Dorothy and I went with Betty Jean to Sandfield. Marg Arnold’s horseshoe has gone to a booby trap, as she carried the $10 home, three-9s; high ladies’, Norma also winning for her five lone hands; men’s high, Brad; 50/50, Dave James.

Dorothy was off euchre tournamenting with Betty Jean, and I was left in charge of our regular euchre game. What a lovely surprise when Melissa Kondraki came through the door. We had been missing her.

Though our turnout was small, the games were big and included a shameless skunk and two others smelling up the hall! Me and Rhonda! High men’s, Reg Hall and three lone hands, 75; low, Hank, 45; ladies’ high, Sherry Hall, 70; lone hands, Rhonda, 3; low, me, 54; door prize, Rick Kempthorpe. Thank you, clean up team!

This week so far, I’ve made sugar buns, muffins, Krispie squares, peanut butter cookies and raisin ginger cookies.

On Friday evening we all went to Green Acres for supper. They sure were busy. I guess Wade and Barb were closing Saturday and Sunday to go to a wedding. We kind of celebrated Derek’s upcoming 65th birthday. My child, and me only 39? Sherry, Dave, Jodi, Susan, Simon, Pauline, Wayne, Lori and Rick, Tara, Ray and Skylar and me, 14 people.

Sunday morning I woke up singing. I so enjoyed the music last evening at Knox Church. I had stayed in town after the fair for the spaghetti dinner. Sat with Morden, Bertha and Eileen for my supper and visit. Robbie and friends/co-musicians, Roger and Urban entertained, Knox fundraiser. They were part of the afternoon package as well. A lot of folks seemed to be enjoying the music. Then I checked out the exhibits and saw some winners’ names I recognized. Some beautiful knitting, crafts and quilted wall hangings (beautiful) loved the hand-embroidered quilt. What a lot of precise work/colours. Lots of school work! Saw Bob and Joan Beard getting ready to make hawberry jelly! They kept the Tehkummah Market going this season. Thanks to them. But Bob thanked all the vendors. Margaret (the Café manager?) and Lori our youthful singer/musician on the last Market date, August 30. Setters up and taker down folks, too.