Tehkummah Talk & Times

Snow Tuesday—When I went to fill the bird feeders I was humming the theme to the Sound of Music. The trees were alive with the sound of music. Why aren’t they liking our bird seed? Just cardinal and chickadee, not even any bird tracks in the snow. They don’t love me anymore? 

I didn’t leave home today at all. I’ve been working on my books—no, not that kind!

I’m getting migraine eye-halos as I write. Must be low pressure; perhaps my eyes are tired.

Joan Beard brought Easter cards to my door today.

I was talking to Joan (cousin) on Monday. She sounded well. We haven’t visited for ages.

Our bingo is busy these days. I’m still one number away? We thank Simon for calling. Sometimes Betty Jean, too! Yogi runs them and she is fun. 

Hugest snowflakes falling as I write.

Bid euchre results from April 4 with four tables: first prize, Donna Corbett, 223; second prize, Laurene Holloway, 193; third prize, Pat Hall (me), 183, I had an ace day; low, John Novak, 61; 50/50, Linda B.

Cribbage results from Wednesday, April 3 with one shy of six tables. I played (me and I). Keeps things very interesting. I did fine until my encounter with Georgie and Glenda. They whomped me smelly one game and, but for three points, got me again. Nice to have some of the folks back again. Ruth McDonald, too, says she has 40 trees tapped already. She’s been busy. Some said the coffee was good, but my last mouthful in my mug was salty tasting. The water man was just putting the new “stuff” in the water tank when I got there, so blame him! High hands, Doris, 24; first, Dorothy A and Ken, 928; second, Gord and Marion, 925; third, Ruth and Ted, 922; low, Bobbi Jo and Cal, 862; door, Gib, Marion and Betty Jean.

 Wow—coming home from the birthday party (Skylar’s 13th) next door tonight, two solar lights are aglow above the snow. We’re getting closer.

First time I’ve been away from home for ages. Sherry took me to Sudbury for a CT scan on Sunday. Iona Peterson’s granddaughter Kimberly was the technician. I thought she looked familiar. She had been to bingo in Tehkummah with her grandmother. I remember faces! We stopped in Espanola on the way over. Shopped grocery, Dollar Store in Sudbury, lunch at McDonald’s in Espanola and back home. It was a day of rain and fog. Three deer on the Lacloche going over, and 12 on the way home. A couple of them looked like they had a rough time wintering. Saw a beautiful white heron with black wing tips. We missed the supper crows at Tara and Ray’s but made it in time for a good supper. Poor Skylar had to wait for gifts to open until we had our meal; the birthday cake was presented with song and candles, photographs and ice cream, too! Some great gifts. She entertained us on the guitar and voice. Kind of practicing. Dave, Jacob, Jaylynn and Grandma Marg who has been here from Elliot Lake since Friday, too.

Met a new friend named Desiré, a good card player.

Talked to Susan (Sis) this morning. They had another tragedy on Sunday when the ravens attacked their little duck. It had recovered from a weasel attack a while back. They have had the worst luck with all their pets. They have one duck left. This is so hard to go through. I know how I felt every time we had a loss when I had chickens: wild ducks, geese, squirrels—you name it we had ‘em over the years!

Lots of rain overnight. Some bare spots?