Tehkummah Talk & Times

This is gratitude Monday. Actually, every day I have a lot to be grateful for. I guess number one is the fact I didn’t lose my hydro. My good neighbour to the south, Dave, keeps me dug out and I had a drift at least a third way up my door. A call from Elaine to say she was sending binders out and a couple of beautiful big coffee table books, so, I thank you, too. Then Jacob carried them from the store for me. The phone call from my reader, Fred. A call with an address I needed, and a nice call from Sis Susan, of course my soup isn’t nice because I put too much pot barley in it (it is edible!!) Then faxing out my column from Ward’s today, the patience as I read my missing parts to Debbie, thank you. Susan was telling me about Chris, “pot holes” as the snow drifts have completely enclosed her home, living on the waterfront is a challenge.

I take such a kick out of the Three’s Company show. I sit here and laugh, I’m surprised “they” haven’t come to take me away.

Wednesday cribbage, four tables: two high hands, Doris and I, 24; first, Donna and Doris, 932; second, Ted and Dorothy, 926; third, Janet and Dorothy (A), 923; low, Patrysha and Laura, 844; door, Bill, Hugh and Betty Jean. We had belated treats and scratch tickets for a Valentine’s treat from Pat. Thanks so much.

So much for our week of activities here. Church was cancelled Sunday, of course because of the storm. Also Monday bingo and Thursday bid euchre. So, a reasonably quiet week for me, except for my papers and poetry.

Good news, brightness in the east at 6:30 am. If it wasn’t so cold and the snow so deep, I was seriously thinking of sitting outside. Actually, about five inches of the back of the once covered bench is actually showing. Gotta start airin’ out the green. On St. Paddy’s we have a few celebrations coming up.

Birthday and anniversary. And Angie just mentioned the fact that March Break is coming up. Outside of looking out the window here I haven’t been out the door since Wednesday, cribbage day. Skylar and Ray are keeping the bird feeders filled.

There are a few folk around also on the confined list.

Thinking of our friends hospitalized and in surgery mode, hope all is well, God Bless.

Nancy Sullivan I was just thinking of you. I looked at our photo.

Nancy Arnold too, how’s it going?

Jean, keeping up the cherry juice cure?

Hope all is well.

A nice phone call this morning. My daughter tried to catch me sleeping, but I’m clipping and pasting and creating and making more mess, so, what else is new. Oh yeah, I let my eyes leak for a bit this morning. Sometimes. Hey Paula, thinking of you and your family.

That pot barley excess soup is hanging on. So far, I’ve made a meatloaf out of some and added tomato soup to more to extend. I’m thinking this is a pretty cost-effective diet.