Tehkummah Talk & Times

Judy, bless her heart, stopped in this Monday morning and took my letters to the post office and my news to be faxed out. I hadn’t got dressed yet, my house is a bit on the chilly side though I am warmly dressed. Did reheat my bean bag a few times in the night though. The cats don’t cover a big enough area for warmth. Are they still calling this global warming? I should bake something that would warm the place, and me, up. Just had my last bowl of potato soup. It does get better flavour after a day or so. My life is full of paper which I’ve been trying to get rid of, but then I keep finding poems to copy or getting an idea for a new one?

Hey, I was going to write 

one of how it was


But I figure your settin’


Writin’ your own

These days.

Hello all of you out there. My friends in the nursing homes and all who are ailing today, hope you feel better soon.

Well, I had an appointment at the new-for-me Manitowaning Medical Clinic. Now there’s the spot to go if you want to meet your neighbours.

I held off calling on anyone to take me in, then when I did I found lots of folks going that way. Lori (darling niece) gave up her and Rick’s trip to Little Current and taxied me in.

I met a nice young nurse practitioner in training, named Angela. The effervescent Joan, of the beautiful smiles, told me I could “kick” her if something didn’t work. Now she probably knew she was safe. My kicking these days is the complaining type. Lori, Sherry and I met at Loco Beanz for a good lunch and visit. Lori took me to get my car sticker to find the busy Colleen also cat sitting. We drove home in snow again! It was sunny going in. I was totally amazed at the snow banks everywhere. I should have been suspicious as “now” I don’t hear the snowplows going by here, only see the lights above. How do you like it so far?

A better turnout for cribbage today, four tables and good mid game, snacks too. Although it was looking good for Cal and Ted with 21 points in the last game Lorrie Lee came through with a 24. First place, Lorrie and Margarie, 943; second, Florence and Gib, 932; third, Ted and Hugh, 921; low, Betty Jean and Dorothy, 867; door, Donna C, Laura W, Gib P.

Please join us any Wednesday, weather permitting, roads accessible, at 1:30 pm.

Another great place to meet is at the library coffee time, 10 to 12 noon on Wednesday mornings. Always a friendly bunch and lots of laughs. Today, Janice Mitchell gave a very informative talk on her bees. Not too far from here, I don’t know if I’ve met any of them personally! Sure was interesting though. Her honey is delicious. We all got some white clover seed to plant. Winners of the draws: Eileen (honey), Laura (a bees wax candle), me (lip balm) (love it, made with honey and smells wonderful). A great morning.

Dorothy always helps me clean, close up, wash up, though we have lots of helpers too, today, she drove me home as well! Lots of good neighbour stuff going on.

Cal and Jeanette gave me a ride to the library this morning.

I don’t know if I have mentioned all the delicious baked goods that Joan McMurray continually has available for the taste testing.

My Mexican hat plant has the loveliest crown of pink flowers and my shamrock started blooming this week. Maybe they do think spring is coming?

When I took the euchre results out of my pocket it was hard to unfold, for my pocket was full of snow. It cheers me now I can see all the birds going to the feeder from my lazee girl chair, but I have maybe come to the conclusion that “old” ladies should not be wading in the deep snow to feed the birds. My problem is I’m too dashed independent. I hate asking for help. They could have found me in the spring. For I went down, backwards, did the whale shuffle (if they have one) to the outside chair, flipped, rolled over and crawled. My foot is sore, but what if! My behind (I’m being polite) was soggy, my coat was covered, well, I guess everything was, lucky me. Anyway, here are the soggy bid euchre results for January 31, 2019, 3 ½ tables: Dorothy Cronk, 183; Donna C., 178; John N., 175; low, Hugh, 42; 50/50, Dave. No moons today.

I didn’t have a good night, still looking at the clock at 5 am. Up again at 6, a couple more hours. My arm hurt, I couldn’t lay on that side, that was my good hip too. Some people complain, complain. 

Will the groundhog see his shadow? He’s going to have to do a mighty lot of digging to find the sun.

Well I’m absolutely certain he didn’t see anything here this morning. But did you see the pink clouds, pink sky and pink snow as the sun went down? It must have been beautiful looking west. I was looking east.

A two-and-a-half-hour phone “chat” with my sister Mollie in Winnipeg this morning. We ended by reading each other our poetry.

My daughter woke me first, but until last night I’d only had about four hours sleep since Tuesday. I’ve been ready to fly.

Judy called, reminded me of Ben’s show at the Hall. So, I decided about a half an hour till show time, I’d go. What great music, lots of great old songs too. Great guitar music.

Roger to Ben’s left, Tim behind on drums, Bonita, Dan, Marriette and/or Kaitlyn on his right.

Lots of draw winners and a 50/50 draw. Nice to hear we have a new young couple in Tehkummah, so we welcome them (not that they are strangers to the area). Much happiness in your new home.

Hey, we’ve got Valentine birthdays coming up and anniversaries too. My neighbour just down the road! Sis Mollie has a birthday on the 14th.

What do my sister and daughter have in common, their (sense??) of humour, ha. They both laughed when I told my falling down story and they both asked if I was making angels in the snow (maybe if I could have got my arms out). I looked at my “wallow” marks the next day, I laughed too!

Our sermon Sunday, ‘the authority of Jesus in our lives.’ Our mountains and our valleys, yes. Our church board meeting was held after the service. It seemed like we covered a lot of territory.

Ray drove me down; Martin and Lynda gave me a ride home. Thank you.

Saturday and Sunday, I baked? peanut butter cookies, gingerbread, crispy squares (with salted caramel), banana muffins and molasses cookies.