Tehkummah Talk & Times

Probably more stuff happening Monday than my whole last week’s column!

Thanks, Elaine, for the card and yes, I am!

I got a phone call from Corrine Gill in Sarnia, as well. It was so good to hear from her. She sounded good! Her son Rob is at the apartment, he and John Novak have been catching some fish, must be cold work these days. I’ve been walking to and from, but if one is bundled up it’s not too bad.

There were enough at Bingo, despite the chill in the air, and a few winners. It’s funny how often we wait for just one more number?

I just spilled coffee on me, it’s not a bad perfume!

I see the cardinal in the lilac again, he seems to be around more lately. Yesterday while I was looking at the birds, a fox came over the hill. It looked like it carried a partridge into my bit of bush. The poor critters must be suffering with the cold.

These winter days I hear a few folks talking about the beauty and unusual sighting of the eclipse. Sherry said the gold corona, orange inner and red centre was breathtaking, Susan said it was eerie with the dried leaves, crackling frost and the quietness of the air.

Simon handed me a package after Bingo Monday night. Talk about comfort food. I dug into it and I was like a starving person (scalloped potatoes, turnip and carrot veggies), lots of ham slices on top, plus a cookie. It was good! (Have enough for today too, snowing!)

Betty Jean took me home from Bingo.

I heard rumours that this summer will be the hottest on record. You won’t be able to prove it by this week of trying to be the coldest!

Not too many days I’m not reminded of Mum and stuff we have done as a duo. In a box of stamps today I found our receipt for the Octoberfest trip with Bill Sloan, May 1991 and the “Victor Borge Show” in Sudbury, 1989, Mum’s luggage tag to Vancouver…

I figure the storm’s gonna last, as the two pair of cardinals stayed at the feeder till dark.

Last week at library drop-in we found that Eileen Williamson celebrated her (13th ?) birthday, so we sang to her.

Hey, “Let’s Talk,” if we need to, OK. Let’s Listen.

Today at cribbage we were all winners. For one thing the five of us braved the snowfall. We all played for ourselves. Five games: Lorrie Lee, high hand, 24 and second with 576 points; Brad was first with 579; Margaret had 572; Dorothy with 541; I was low, 528; Brad and Lorrie, door. We all won with Lorrie’s bacon-water chestnuts and Margaret’s cake.

The full of the moon has been playing havoc with our sleep. Many people having strange and unusual dreams. Me for one, I’ve gone back in time. What would make me dream of “Melmac dishes” (do you remember those?)?? Weird and more. I can’t tell you.

You’ll never believe it. I finally hit the “Top” of the Bid Euchre game with 249 points. Lord knows it’s been an uphill climb. John Novak was second, 192; his wife Pat, 186; low today, Dorothy, 128; Betty Jean hit the moon!! Door prize, Norma Thomas, “three tables.”

Friday morning, what a lovely day sunshine wise, snowfall, another foot? Overnight. A lovely surprise phone call from my friend Jean Livingston in Hamilton. She sounded cheery but is dealing with gout, a most painful thing. Mum used to get it. The cure is cherry juice or frozen cherries! (Did you know that?) 

A call from Linda McNaughton on Thursday morning. Kind of snowed in! She sounded cheery, cards from friends, thank you.

Linda asked me to remind you of the Big Bingo on February 10, starts at 1 pm. The prizes, $20, $50, $500 and if you have your own bingo chips, bring them with you. A breakfast that morning, starts at 9 (I think) and goes till 12 noon.

Today I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. A touching poem from a friend and a letter and a phone call too that set the tears rolling. Things are never so bad that they couldn’t be worse, but!! Sad. Been knocking down some of my “décor,” Halloween cobwebs. You know it takes more energy to start. I need a kick starter, ha!

Would you believe I have a shamrock in bloom? It forgot what St. Paddy’s is! And another “Hah,” sign of spring. I killed a mosquito! It must have been hiding somewhere, for I’m sure not a thing would think about hatching these days. Should we be feeding them?

Skylar and Sherry and Dave helped Ray celebrate his plenty-ninth birthday on Saturday. I had the birthday supper delivered in, Tara too!