Tehkummah Talk & Times

Friday, December 21, Santa Claus has come to my door three times today! Then I got a couple of beautiful photos of cardinals from “Sandra.” I met her and Gary at Carol’s and Earl’s restaurant around Thanksgiving. Folks are so kind to me. (My travelling on Saturday, as far as the dump.) An hour or more this morning on the phone with Sis Mollie. Tonight, the full moon, makes one think of the verse “The night before Christmas.”

Sunday, The fourth week of Advent, love is the answer and question today? 

Mary and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for lunch. I went to Freshmart to shop. Stopped to visit Sis Susan (and Simon). She has some great photographs of her animals in wreaths, ribbons, bows and Santa suits. So cute.

Midnight December 24. As usual listening to a Christmas movie as I write. Not too long home from Sherry and Dave’s home where five of the Reckahn family including Marg and her son Ken are next door, Susan, Simon, Paula and Jeff, Pauline and Wayne. We had food of course and a most hilarious gift exchange of useful useless items. Fourteen done in order of partridge in a pear tree. So much fun and what creative imaginative gifts? Some were good. Some of us attended the Christmas Eve service at St. Andrews. It was special, as always, prior to the fun at Sherry’s. Derek and Jodi got to visit by phone with us all too! I didn’t see Santa Claus on my way home, but he most certainly had come to my house!

December 25. Just talked to Kim and Kathy by speaker phone. I had just got home from Tara and Ray’s: the family gift opening and breakfast created by Ray and his Mum, as he said this is now a tradition! What a lot of wonderful gifts (I was Grinch this year). Everyone is so kind. More gifts at Sherry’s. Travis and Alicia joined us there. Delicious turkey and ham supper and all the fixings. Lots of visiting afterward.

An almost instant replay Wednesday at Sherry and Dave’s. Leftovers are even better, aren’t they? After some left for home. Tara, Sherry and Dave in a TIKI game. Tara won. I was doing fine until Dave set me with 69 points on the last round and made me “The Biggest Loser.”

Sharon and Yogi have been the store keepers while Ross and Susan are away. I imagine they are visiting Justin.

Ken Reckahn left Thursday. He will be flying out Friday for BC. It was nice to see him again and have him with family. Skylar convinces him to come home.

Almost every day I see the Ontario Northland bus stop, or go by, or I sometimes wave back, and I think I should be going for a ride, just to see where it should take me. That’s almost like “The road not taken.” Right? Or the bus?

A call on the answering machine from Sis Susan asking if I was practicing up for tomorrow’s birthday Day? And that she read on the internet that sloppy eaters were very intelligent. (Two for two is not bad.) She was referring to me but that didn’t stop me eating my great crispy chicken burger at Grill and Chill.

Today, Sunday, I did tour Mindemoya lights after doing my laundry. What happened to Candy Cane Lane this year? One bright property. It always makes one wonder, health? Sale? I do know things change constantly. In all our lives. One beautiful huge silver and blue tree outstanding up near the original apartments. Neon windows, neat too! I saw Brenda at Mindemoya. She was travelling with a boy with a broken leg! I like hers and David’s Christmas tree in their yard too! Individual trees make a statement! Larry and Adrienne’s, David Brown’s! A phone call, early birthday from Mackenzie BC. Derek, Jodi and grandson Tristen (I hadn’t spoken to him in a long while.) They were watching Frozen in Love as was I. Mary Yett and I were joined at Carol’s and Earl’s today with Burt and Audrey Case, good visiting time. Earl had things all changed around for a New Year’s party. Debbie Robinson did our church today. The sermon on Grace. I found this coincidentally in a magazine today. G-ratitude, R-ealease, A-ccept, C-hallenge and E-mbrace. Debbie had some words too, but I don’t think they were the same as these! Pat was back at the organ/piano today in church. She and John have reasons for leaving home more often now.

I heard that Ruth Webster wasn’t that well. Thinking of you. Jackie hope you soon become unfrozen, get well soon.

Birthday calls, Mollie, Sherry, Judy, Barb, Kim and Kathy. Callins, Judy, Cal.

I got Angie to do three things I couldn’t handle today. I was grateful for that. I’m still sorting through papers, never ending.

Happy New Year 2019. What a glorious morning to look out at, blue sky, sunshine, glittering snow draped trees to admire. What a new year’s surprise to walk out to last evening as we left the hall to the top of my boots. I had considered wearing shoes too. A lovely and fun crowd, good music, great companions, marvellous midnight feast, loads of birthday wishes, hugs and kisses, and a special mention by the DJ as well. Wayne Middaugh was saluted sharing the same birthday. I was only four numbers from winning the 50/50 ($102), Simon won. Marg and Lori had bought me gift tickets. Manitowaning Lions tended bar. Sherry and Dave were my taxi drivers. I just got a happy new year call from Eileen Leeson (my third call this morning.) She said Helen O had been out to Morden’s and Bertha’s for supper last evening and that Shauna had been home and was heading back today.

Barb told me too that Jennifer and Matt King were home for a few days over the holidays (from Thunder Bay).

Supper tonight, roast beef at Tara’s and Ray’s. Sherry and Dave too, Skylar’s friend visiting on crutches. Horse injury.

Lynn Overfield said they had her nephew Marcus with them over the holidays for his gift opening.

Wonderful food leftover from New Year’s Eve for our cribbage lunch today, five tables today.

The snow was trying to scare us. We had three high scores of 20, Gib, Laura, Graham; first, Graham and Sheila, 948; second, Brad and Dorothy, 938; third, Bill and Betty Jean, 929; low, Margaret and Lorrie, 890; door, Cal, Rick and Sheila.

Sympathy to the family and friends of Doug Tracy. I know he put a lot of time into Island family heritage and the Michaels’ Bay research.

Four and a quarter tables for bid euchre on Thursday, January 3. One fella had to get dug out of the hall yard. Lots of snow again.

A fun afternoon, more lessons in learning what not to do (by experience!) First, Brad Parkinson, 178; second, Stan Allan, 167; third, Laura Scott, 162; low, Marg Case, 77; 50/50, Pat Novak; second draw, Linda B.

Kim and Kathy and Toulin came in on Friday. They had made a couple of trips in to the camp yesterday, hoofing it and a sleigh with their stuff. Steve and Gail Martin are coming today to spend a few days too. They will have fun together. I was talking to Kris while they were here. 

A brilliant cardinal shines up with the snow draped lilac. Breathtaking. I couldn’t resist a primrose at Foodland today. I would have taked one of every colour, but I’ll do well to keep one alive until planting time? 

Saw my favourite kids again, they are the sweetest couple. I also saw Fern Patterson, we had a nice front of store visit for a minute or so. Reminiscing about when school was next door to the hall and all the youngsters. Shared a senior time.

Fern said that was the best time in all her teaching career. I know I spent many wonderful hours at the school too, with music, right Joanne? I took a whole lot of pumpkins one year. The plays were phenomenal, etc.

Beautiful blue sky and sunshine for Sunday Church at Tehkummah. God watches all his little sparrows. I went in to Carol’s and Earl’s for lunch today, last evening too with Susan and Simon. I got the largest $50 homemade Christmas card and more presents. Got a 50 sock this week too from a sister as well.

Lynda told me of the death of Bruce Lee this week. Sympathy to Carol and the family and friends. Thinking of you.

Kim and Kathy and a puffy Toulin (he has nerves) just headed for home (Meaford now) after a little visit, a wonderful camp weekend. A game of TIKI. Pauline and Wayne too last evening. Steve and Gail pulled out too. Gail with a bad toothache, ouch.