Tehkummah Talk and Times March 26

A dozen or so deer were holding back traffic in the city of South Baymouth. So drive carefully everywhere, actually from now on.

The faint odor of skunk followed me home (well maybe not so faint) from Mum’s after I issued a cribbage challenge. Should have gone home after the second game and I should have gone home after I won the first game over Cal, as the skunk odor continues.

Well here it is March 19 and when I looked into the backyard at my many birds I saw some bigger ones at the apple tree. Darned if they weren’t robins. Bless their little hearts! They were pulling apart an old apple. They came to the bird feeder but they just visited the other birds. And didn’t they make it back home the day before spring is official!

Tuesday morning I took my car to the car doctor for a service call. I stopped in to the “Everything Under The Sun” shop. Last time I was in that little place I could hardly get through it but it is so nicely organized. Lots to check out!

“C’mon down!” That call was heard at the Tehkummah Hall on Tuesday afternoon when the “Price is Right” game came to town! The two lovely models, Brenda and Mary, showed the items the contestants had to add up the value and the closest, not going over, was the winner. Judy, Carol and Stephen were the contestants. Stephen was the winner with only $10 below the total. Products valued at $74 plus.

St. Paddy’s Day celebrated with lots of Irish songs being sung. Mum doing a solo called ‘The River Shannon.’ A shamrock shaped cake and lots of good snacks! The birthday people were Mildred and Judy. It was a nice party. Thanks Helen and Margaret!

Wild rooster escapes Cole? The new farmer.

Thursday—Snowplow out again today. Ross must be tired of it all too. There is a squirrel digging around the base of the bird feeder this morning. They have been rarely seen since last spring. Something must have killed all the small things off. I’m sure a lot of meat-eating animals starved to death this winter!

Eugene Pyette had eye surgery this past week. So I hope all is going well.

Morgan McMurray spent the school break with her grandparents Joan and Don.

Hope you are feeling better Brian!

There were seven tables at the euchre tournament on Thursday evening. Reta was on K.P. duty. Bill and Brad had six lone hands and 75 points; Mark and Tina, 74 points; Pat and John, 73 points; Donna and Eva, 71 points; low, Ted and Dorothy, 46 points; door prize, Bill.

On Friday the sun was so nice that I couldn’t stay inside so I went for a drive to Manitowaning. Had lunch at “Queen Street General.” Great food! Did some shopping, went home and beat Mum at cards. Had a roast beef supper at Cal’s.

On Tuesday morning I had a nice visit with Marvin at Mum’s Restaurant in Mindemoya.

Sang Happy Birthday at church on Sunday, March 23 to Gary Brown and Justin Coutts. Nice to see Alasha home!

Here we are once again, deadline morning and it looks like it’s going to be a nice one by the skyline. I stuck my nose out the door yesterday morning but still not ready to sit outside with the morning coffee. My gosh, the nights stay cold. Perhaps we really are into the New Ice Age despite the Global warming?

Hey, my poem last week, one line was detour not doctor! I sometimes think my writing must be pretty bad, despite the trend of the poetry. What a busy, busy weekend and I smell really skunky too. Two days in a row my darling Mother whipped my…well never mind! But of the six games she beat, there was a skunk involved each day. I’m going to start from Sunday evening and work backwards. It’s been a busy weekend!

Last evening I went to Tara and Ray’s to celebrate Dave’s sixtieth birthday (for the second time). Skylar had made a good chocolate birthday cake with lots of candles on it. Just Sherry, Dave, Billie and I as guests.

On Saturday morning Cal and I went to Sherry and Dave’s for breakfast. A most delicious fruit salad and two different egg dishes done in the oven, delicious cherry cheese cake, and pineapple upside down cake. Grandma Marion and Doug, Tara, Ray, Jacob and Skylar. We waited for Tavis and Alisha to get there. A great celebration! Had to hurry home that day to make a pot for the delicious surprise potluck for Wayne Martin’s seventy-fifth birthday which is officially on the 10th. This was a big event celebrated at the Tehkummah Hall and all their long distance family were there for the surprise! He thought they were going to an anniversary party for Bev and Richard! The food as always was fabulous and so much of it. A lovely social time, and after visiting cribbage and euchre games were played. From Sudbury area, Christine and Dave (Merrick), Cassie, Tatyana, Ava and Chloe, Anita, Alicia and Samantha. From Creemore, Steve, Gail and William (Martin). And many local friends and family. Mollie and John from Elliot Lake. What made the following day special was our Fairview Church annual March event. All the delicious leftovers and most all the families came for lunch after church at the hall again. We had a nice crowd, more food added to the mix. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us. It’s always a great get-together. Our church service was based on happiness and there were a few songs added, happy songs of course and Mum sang some “Fill Your Life With A Song, A Happy Happy Song, and Let The Whole World Sing It With You.” We had a few quests visiting our church and I’m sure they enjoyed it! Come on back now!