Tehkummah Talk and Times – Dec 27-18

Monday Debbie called to tell me to not forget the early deadline this weekend. I always have too much anyway. I got thinking about (it’s an old age thing) when I had the mail route and I did the Twelve days of Christmas for some of the older folk on the route. It didn’t cost me much and probably was as much fun for me trying to figure out what to give. I started out with a pencil, next day a little pad for writing their letter to Santa, following days maybe a comb so they’d look nice, a candy cane etc. etc., as creative as I could be, a ginger bread boy cookie and so on. Susan did that for Mom one year, her gifts a mite more expensive, but fun for the giver and the receiver. Took more time to wrap and write the notes.

I still think of my Christmas pudding from Kay Misner, fudge from Leida Blue, cookies from Elnora Sagle and those didn’t just come at Christmas. When I lost the mail route it was the people I missed. No more checking on anyone or taking a loaf of bread out of an oven. Oh, and the best bread was Faye Chatwell’s.

Hey, nothing says Christmas like that fabulous work of art as you go through the door at Centennial Manor. That was a huge batch of gingerbread, icing and rice krispies and a fine eye for design and creativity.

Well darn it, didn’t I miss supper out at Sis Pauline’s on Monday evening. I did think of it earlier in the day though! I understand that her other guests, Pat and Kathy, were “upset” ha! Cause they wouldn’t get their name in the paper, yet they did! It was good I didn’t eat, as there was a wonderful array of food and bites at our break time at bingo. I’m definitely not failing anyway. Our next bingo will be January 7, 2019. 

Thanks for the Christmas goodies all.

What a great day, a special gift from a special friend. She does have a way with words, and a note from cousin Colleen in the Sault.

We had a big doins’ today at our Christmas cribbage. The food was fabulous, so much. Extra draws from a friend to our door prizes too. Pat gave everyone a day planner and a scratch ticket. We did a five week round up, taking the best three for average: Yogi and Billy Jo, 944; Cal and I, 933; Gib and Florence, 927; Ted and Ruth and Janet and Glenn had high two-week average, 941; skunks, over five weeks, 6 (they got a real skunk?), Graham and Sheila, Brad and Dorothy, got onions for four. These last two couples got a lollipop to help, high hand, Ted and Hugh, 24; $5 each today, Patrysha and Laura 952; second, Graham and Sheila, 943; third, Glenda and Doris, 929; low, Brad and Dorothy, 859; door, Jan, Ken, Patrysha, Brad, Sheila, Glenda (missed one), wooden heart.

I was talking to Cal after he got home from Sudbury today. Gib drove over and back. Cal got the needle in his eye, doesn’t have to go back until April, sounds like good news.

I went back to the hall to pick up the cheese ball (promised to me by Yogi). This is an easy supper and so good! 

While I think of it, I must remind you, our Christmas Eve Service is at 6 pm at St. Andrews By the Sea, South Baymouth.

Gosh, I’m tired of the guys calling me to tell me my computer is not working right, and my Visa card has been compromised. Someone at Western Union charged stuff or cashed money or something. Why can’t these scammers be dealt with? Can’t phone companies get them? Let’s go back to one ringy diggy ….. Remember Ruth Buzzy?

What great weather for getting around this week. But don’t slip on the ice. Gloria Bowerman, I hear, doesn’t believe in doing things by “halves.” Two broken arms? Get healed soon.

Hey, as you read this already the sun is on its way back to give us more light and health and won’t we feel better.

Thursday morning, I was going to get up and get doing this morning. Just woke for the second time when Helen called. She had been on my mind the last couple of days. She had got a call from a cousin in Czechoslovakia this morning too. She told me about the super show Crystal Shawanda put on at the nursing home last week. Helen was the organizer for the first show Crystal did here in downtown Tehkummah a few years back. She, Crystal, was about 10 years old at the time? We are fortunate we have a famous personality who doesn’t forget her roots. 

Lorna popped through the door with my new roll of 100 stamps. I had just bought one at our Post Office a couple of days back. Five hundred  almost got me to the end of the year. This should keep me going for a while now.

Lucky this was a short four days, so I had “hardly anything” to tell you right? 

Just came in from euchre tournament, Andy was my partner and we got the chocolate bar. Six and half tables, Linda was on KP, so we had hotdogs for our lunch and extra goodies: Donna and Eila were first, 79 and six lone hands; Sheila and Graham, second, 75 and six lone hands; Dorothy and Ken, third, 71; fourth Eva and Donna, Betty Jean and Bill, 69 points (tied); Andy and I, 55, low; John Novak won 50/50; five extra prize draws, Norma, Bill C, Hugh and Janice won two (her tickets were drawn one after another.)

Sympathy to the White family in the loss of Linda this past week.

As we come to the end of another long column, the last of 2018, I will wish you all the merriest and the happiest, God bless.