Tehkummah Talk and Times

Tuesday morning, finally got to bed after I watched The Voice, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. It was late when I started watching. I had gone to Cal’s. We watched a Loretta Lynn video and I let him beat me a couple of games of cribbage. Just prior, I had let Mum beat me a couple of games too. Lucky I’m a good loser! (practiced). Watched two foxes in Cal’s backyard!

The Triangle Club birthday party was well attended. The fashions from Dreamer’s Cover, Rena Collins, owner/narrator, were casual, summery and lovely. The models too! Musical entertainment—harmony between each showing of fashion and accessories. The Manitouliners, only Gordie, Norm and Peter today. A great lunch and birthday cake was provided. Lots of Red Hats of Manitowaning Club. Birthday people were Peter Tilston, Jeneen Phillips and ?

Early morning—I made biscuits and surprise muffins. I delivered a few around, then visited Joan who had a houseful (brother Dodds and Jovette from Toronto and her sister Pat from Elliot Lake). Jovette gave me their wedding cards/photos. Poor Jovette spent the night with her head in the toilet bowl. I guess the darn flu bug. Quite a few people have had that lately.

Joan was going for a dental appointment, a nice half hour visit. No wonder my days seems long, it’s 2:45 am as I write this! Maybe time to close my eyes, if possible.

Well here it is, 10:30 Thursday morning. I’ve got quite a bit of outside work done. Quite beautiful out, shorts and t-shirt so far. Did I tell you I saw an orchard oriole in downtown Tehkummah this week?

Joyce Chilton (Sagle) of Bayfield has been holidaying with her sister Jean McCulligh. She lost her husband Don in December. Said she’s felt good while up here visiting. Sympathy belatedly to all. It was good to talk with her.

Today I went to the camp garden, dug up a few things, brought them back, and planted some in Cal’s yard and some in Skylar’s garden. Stopped at the farm and was introduced to more chickens, chicks and the pygmy goats. Some cute chickens! Susan’s gardens are nice. I planted some catnip for Milo. My yard is full of it, lemon balm, mints, oregano—I’m trying to get rid of it. Took some to the dump garden, ha!

Last evening Elaine Bosje said Burt was back in the Mindemoya hospital. So this is good! How’re ya doin’?

Did you ever see a furry frog? Well I had a little guy in my house this morning and he was surrounded by a dust bunny. He seemed weak, perhaps he was allergic to cat hair. Anyway, I cleaned the little guy off and put him in the garden.

Week of May 19—My friend Jean Livingston of Hamilton made her first trip to the Island 2014. Now the ferry is in operation again. She said Bill and Beryl had a pretty rough winter in the Wilds of Manitoulin. You picked a good one to test out!

Sherry, Dave, Tara, Ray, Jacob and Skylar had supper with Tavis and Alisha at their home in Gore Bay. Tavis lost his longtime friend and pet Athena. Always so sad when we lose a beloved pet (cat).

Well here it is Sunday evening again! Even with a couple of outings eliminated, this week still flew by. We just got back from Mindemoya where the Pyette brothers had a pizza farewell supper at the homestead. Cal and I were honoured to be asked to share with them. Also give some hugs after a very emotional (I’m sure) yard sale and emptying the house out weekend. Steve and Tammy and their youngsters are homeward bound as of Monday morning. Jeff and Connie had their camper in the backyard too, and Rick and Katheleen, a couple of doors down. They had a good yard sale. They said with many items price to sell! Lots of good deals. I went up with Cal on Saturday morning and, of course, we shopped. Had our breakfast at the Roosterant. The night before we had our supper at Carol’s and Earl’s. I am almost in the mood for baking. If supplies mean anything! Thanks kids!

I did some yard work early this morning. Then went to church at South Baymouth. “Different Kinds of Love.” Our minister was June McDougall. Then let Mum skunk me twice. I almost returned the favour but for two points, then I headed for home!

Last evening Mum and I went to Susan and Simon’s. Paula, Sean, and a very tall Brandon were visiting. Paula, Mum and I had three very tight games. Then Susan and I against Mum and Paula, we won!

Have you admired the forty-shades of Island green this week. Like the poplars popped overnight. The Baltimore orioles left, the wild strawberries and bilberries popped their blooms in this weekend’s heatwave?

Tara came in and fixed my TV tonight. Every few months I have to call for help.

Zander Pyette was sporting a toothless smile. He lost his second tooth on Sunday, so had a very open smile! Quite proud of the fact!

Steve too, was celebrating his twenty-forth year in the armed service as of today, May 26.

Skylar had her friend visiting Sunday afternoon.