Tehkummah Talk and Times

In memory of my dear sister Nancy Miller who passed away 14 years ago this week. I miss you lots!

Tavis, my grandson, celebrates a birthday this week, same day, May 3.

A fun Wednesday afternoon at cribbage. There were three 24 hands. Lois got two of them and I got one. Rare for me, especially in this setting! First place, Graham and Sheila, 953; second place, Audrie and Pat (me), 918; third place, Bert and Joy, 892; low, Mary and Jean (Mum), 860; door, Sheila. Lots of goodies brought in. Thanks all!

I let Mum beat me a couple after the game!

Well since I jotted these few lines a heck of a busy time has passed. On Thursday Mum needed to shop and get some pills. We lunched at the Happy Moose. Not too long home when Sherry phoned. They were going to Mum’s in Mindemoya for supper. Derek, Jodi and Tristin had arrived. On their journey to us they had spent time with their family, Tory, Amelia and Desmond and Declan. Also visited at Kim and Kathy’s. The grandsons touching base again. Later that evening I visited with them at Sherry and Dave’s. Friday Jodi, Sherry and I shopped the second hand spots and a yard sale. Had our supper at Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant. The guys had gone visiting and to the camp. Shortly after six we all met at Lori’s and Rick’s for a celebration of her 50th birthday. Good music by Lori and Tristen after the birthday cake. A lovely visit with family and friends Elaine, Heather, Colleen, Reegan, Val, Bob, Judy, Cal, Susan and Simon. On Saturday we went to Sherry and Dave’s for a ham and turkey dinner. Another full house. Lots of music, songs, cribbage games.

I had made stuff for the bake sale and our supper. I took in the Back Roads country music afternoon. Lots of dancers at this one, bid on some silent auction items (got a couple).

Sunday morning I helped a bit at the hall. The kitchen was busy and buzzing. Mum and I off to church. Our sermon was “I will follow Him.” (Did you ever see Sister Act?) Great sermons and interaction always.

Well what a huge crowd at the hall to celebrate Brian Gleason’s life. Some lovely tributes by family members and friends. It was nice to speak with the family. Mum and I sat with Loretta and Eleanor. Ben Lentir joined us until he had to sing his very beautiful songs. Derek and Tristin joined us. The tables were full.

Mum and I went to Sherry and Dave’s. Cribbage again and again, after Derek, Jodi and Tris went to Colleen and John’s. They had just returned from Petawawa. Sherry, Mum and I had some very exciting games. Sherry made a fifteen for eight, and a thirty for thirteen points and I still won. Some game! She had been a mile back.

Anyway, it’s 11:10 and I’ve got most of this written up while stretched out in bed with an orange cat on top of me.

Hey, y’all, don’t forget the Mother’s Day Tea this Wednesday at 7 pm at the hall. They always have nice surprises for us all.

It was just beautiful the sky, a million glittering stars and a moon on its back (probably full of rain)

Monday morning—Frosty morning once again but clear. Looks like we’re going to get sun!

I don’t understand how everyone knows who I am? Met Vicky Griggs in Mindemoya, another of my readers. I always appreciate the positive comments. Thank you!

Laverna is back in town. She’s the sweetest girl! Summer it is, I guess?

Darrel and Marlene winter holidayed, Lynn and Fred had been walking on a beach? Ours I think are still a mite on the icy side. Officially spring. I heard the Chi-Cheemaun floated in past the icebergs! Happy spring South Baymouth!

More sticks from the wind fell in the yards.

Daisy and Robert, what a beautiful job, the flower beds and all at the hall!

I should get going, much yard yet to rake. I did get more garbage/brush burned Friday morning. A truck load awaits yet! Burned and injured myself too. (sob)

Hello Vivian!

Have a great week all!