Tehkummah Council Notes March 19

Interim Tax Rate Bylaw

The interim tax rate for the January through June period was set at 50 percent of 2013 taxes.


Presentation by MMAH

Paul Prosperi of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing attended the council meeting and presented a refresher course on the role of council, councillor and staff. Mr. Prosperi reminded council that this was only an overview of the roles and duties of council, reeve, councillors, and municipal staff and how they interact, and referred council to the complete statute for accuracy.


Fire Chief’s Report by Chief Jeff Wilson

Fire Chief Jeff Wilson presented his summary for February. There were no fire calls and two practices in February, with an average attendance of 13. Trainer Ryan Hutchinson continues to work through the firefighter modules. Chief Wilson attended the Red Cross Disaster Management Training Day in Sudbury on March 1. Discussions with the Red Cross regarding utilizing Tehkummah as a disaster management centre are ongoing. The new breathing apparatus have been ordered and should be here in the next week or so. They come certified and hydro tested with a 10-year warranty. Assistant to the Fire Marshal cards have been received so there are members that are able to help with inspections if they are needed.


Ontario Heritage Committee

Council approved a motion to set up an Ontario Heritage Committee (as set out in the Ontario Heritage Act) for the Township of Tehkummah. The committee needed to be appointed by council. It will be responsible for oversight of heritage properties within the township and will provide a voice for all other committees including Little Schoolhouse and Museum and the Michael’s Bay Historical Society.


Fire Hydrants

Staff is conducting research into setting up a bylaw governing fire hydrants.


Swimming Lessons

Staff continues to work out details to make swimming lessons available this summer.


Post Office Hours

Council objects to the closure of the Tehkummah Post Office on Saturdays as well as the reduction of hours during the week and requested the Canada Post Corporation reconsider this position. Council also passed a motion objecting to the realignment of hours for the South Baymouth Post Office and requested that Canada Post reconsider that position also.


Public Library Report 2013

Total visits to the library in 2013 numbered 1,520, with a total of 3,400 books, magazines, and DVDs checked out. In addition, 682 people used the Internet, 475 books were read in-library, and 108 inter-library loans were made. Four hundred and 40 titles were added to the collection in10 ten new patrons in 2013, the total number of patrons at the close of the year was 446. In addition to operating grants, the library raised $2,187.92 through fundraising efforts. Carol Hughes, MP for Algoma/Manitoulin/Kapuskasing, was a donor in 2013. She had visited the library during the grand opening of the fire hall where she took a brief tour of the collection and was given the library’s history. She subsequently sent two packages of new book donations from Parliament Hill, with the statement, “I really was quite impressed by your library. It’s obviously an asset to the community.”


Hazardous Waste Day Costs

Twelve households in the township participated in Manitoulin’s annual hazardous waste day in 2013 with an average cost of $111.20 per participating household.


Building Permit Amounts 2013

There were 11 permits issued for the township in 2013 with a total value of $453,000. Building fee revenue to the township was $4,491.00.