Steering component failure again interrupts ferry sailing last Tuesday

Chi-Cheemaun 2017

SOUTH BAYMOUTH—Two round-trips aboard the MS Chi-Cheemaun had to be cancelled on Tuesday, June 27, once again due to a hydraulic steering system failure.

“The issue was again in the hydraulic steering, but this time it was the result of a valve spool within the hydraulic system that had vibrated out of position, effectively shutting off the hydraulic fluid supply,” explained Owen Sound Transportation Company (OSTC) CEO and president Susan Schrempf.

“The same valve spool was part of the first steering issue we had in May, but at that time it was not evident how the valve spool had gotten out of position,” she continued. “Now that we know, we have stepped up checks and inspections on that specific piece of equipment to ensure that if it does begin to move, we can call the steering technician in for the repair before it takes the ship out of service.”

By the end of that day, June 27, the Chi-Cheemaun had carried 16,283 vehicles and 34,867 passengers—a 1.43 percent increase in vehicles and a 0.60 percent decrease in passengers as compared to that time in 2016.