Spring Bay Rural Route

July 21—Pastor Dan and Terry Thompson arrived home after a week’s holiday.

The Pentecostal’s camp meetings have started this week in Perivale.

Visitors last Friday afternoon with Erma McAllister were Vernon and Pauline Johnson from Woodstock, Lillian Green, and Laura W. Scott. We had a nice visit.

Tuesday brought more rain so our gardens are growing.

A number of ladies attended the Stonecraft Ministry on Monday at Abby’s Restaurant. They have these meetings once a month and all are welcome.

Providence Bay came to life on the weekend. So many bikers were here. Ride Manitoulin was a busy place at the fairgrounds in Providence Bay. A dance was held on Saturday evening in the Providence Bay Hall. I hope they all enjoyed their weekend.

Congratulations to the editor of The Manitoulin Expositor, Alicia McCutcheon, on winning the International Award.

The road crew was busy on Saturday putting the hardtop on the road to Lonely Bay. They will probably do more later.