Skate Canada Manitoulin secures major skating event for February

Elizabeth Wood of Skate Canada Manitoulin performs a spiral during her combination spin in the team elements.

LITTLE CURRENT—The decision last year by SkateCanada to reorganize the skating events taking place under its banner, essentially ending the long tenure of Island Skate as a sanctioned event, had a lot of Manitoulin figure skaters worried about the future, as Island Skate had been a significant source of funds to offset what can be a somewhat expensive sport—but things have so far worked out not so badly.

“We were very fortunate in securing a bid for one of the new Super Series events,” said local organizer Abby Drolet. “So this February 22 to 24 we will be hosting an event that will be open to all skaters in Ontario.”

Not only that, but this year’s event will have the added bonus of having an adult category, so young Manitoulin skaters will have an unprecedented opportunity to see some of the top skaters in the country display their skills up close and personal.

“It is very exciting,” said Ms. Drolet.

Although the event isn’t a fundraiser, per se, it will offer up the opportunity for local skating clubs to raise funds. “We just have to be a little more innovative in our fundraising efforts,” said Ms. Drolet.

As for the event itself, Ms. Drolet said that she is “really looking forward to it.”

Registration for Super Series Manitoulin opened at 10 am on Wednesday, December 12 for the following categories: STAR 5 to Gold freeskate; pre-juvenile and juvenile categories; all STAR couples pattern dances; all supplementary categories including individual and team elements; interpretive and STAR 2/3 couples; and solo pattern dance.

Registration opened at 3 pm on Wednesday, December 12 for: STAR 1-4 freeskate, bronze triathlon, silver triathlon and gold triathlon; pre-novice, novice, junior and senior categories and all adult categories.

More information can be found at the website