Sheshegwaning hosts successful Winter Fun Days celebration

One of the many featured events held during the Sheshegwaning Winter Fun Days celebration was the cardboard sled races, held Sunday afternoon. There was a great crowd of participants and fans.

SHESHEGWANING—There is something comforting in the sound of people laughing and having fun, and this was something that was in large supply at the Sheshegwaning Winter Fun Days held this past weekend in the community.

There was something for everyone, youngsters and adults, over the weekend’s calendar of events and the event was only enhanced by the beautiful weather conditions.

A hearty Saturday morning breakfast was followed by many games and activities, including the three-legged race, sack relay race, egg and spoon relay race and radar slap shot. After lunch, the afternoon began with tea boiling, which became tough for teams to manage courtesy of the high wind conditions, but the participants persevered admirably. 

During the afternoon there was log sawing, nail driving and tug of war followed by a delicious chili/stew/scone dinner. Judging of the “best of the best” was held and the the day’s events were closed out with a spectacular fireworks display once darkness fell.

The near-perfect weather conditions continued on Sunday, proving a boon for all participants taking part in that day’s activities.

After a scrumptious brunch, a ‘Minute to Win It’ stacking game was played using plastic cups.

An elders’ prize bingo was very well attended in the late morning, with winners in the various games taking home gift certificates and prizes that had been donated as well as some cold hard cash.

There were snow sculptures that had been designed and judged during the afternoon, followed by a ski-sloo race at the complex (utilizing footwear that is not exactly a ski) and a road hockey game that involved both adults and youngsters.

One of the events that had the greatest participation was the cardboard sled race (the sleds themselves featured fantastic decorations) held at the sliding hill at the lake. 

One of the more hilarious events was the barefoot race that closed out the activities for Sunday, bringing down the curtain on another highly successful Sheshegwaning Winter Fun Days celebration.