Sheshegwaning First Nation goes to the polls on November 16


SHESHEGWANING – Members of the Sheshegwaning First Nation will be headed to the polls on Saturday, November 16 with five candidates vying for the position of chief and 15 for the position of band councillor as nominations were posted on October 5.

Running for chief are Nicole Bush (nominator Tiffany Laford, seconder Elizabeth Laford), Joeseph Endanawas (nominator Francis Endanawas, seconder Christine Endanawas), Verna Hardwick (nominator Nancy Cada, seconder Georgina Cada), incumbent Dean Joseph Roy (nominator Donald W. Roy, seconder Loretta Roy) and John Wabegijik (nominator Robin, seconder Erica Sampson).

Running for positions on council are Nicolas Bush (nominator Elizabeth, seconder Tiffany Laford), incumbent Nicole Bush (nominator Albert Cada, seconder Loretta Roy), Albert Cada (nominator Loretta Roy, seconder Dean Roy), incumbent Gene Cada (nominator Donald W. Roy, seconder Francis Endanawas), Nancy Cada (nominator Marie McLeod, seconder Verna Hardwick), Adam Cartagena (nominator Beverly Endanawas, seconder Alana Endanawas), Cecilia Endanawas (nominator Christine Endanawas, seconder Nicole Bush), Joyce Endanawas (nominator Francis Endanawas, seconder Christine Endanawas), Leonard Genereux (nominator Carmelita Genereux, seconder Dean Roy), Elizabeth Laford (nominator Nicole Bush, seconder Joseph Laford), Robin Malley (nominator John E. Wabegijik, seconder Erica Sampson), Marie McLeod (nominator Verna Hardwick, seconder Nancy Cada), incumbent Lance Panamick (nominator Francis Endanawas, seconder Elizabeth Laford) and Blair Sampson (nominator Donald W. Roy, seconder Tiffany Laford).

The polls will be open from 9 am to 8 pm on Saturday, November 16 and mail-in ballots have gone out to off-reserve members.