Security vests and letter of explanation disrespectful of Manitoulin

A clarion call to fans to bring out their noisemakers and best team spirit

To the Expositor:

I could not attend the Mustangs hockey game on Friday December 11, but did get an earful from parents and friends about the game.

I attended the game on Wednesday, December 16 against St. Charles. I was totally shocked and disappointed and embarrassed when I read the propaganda letter on the back of the players’ lineup cards. This letter regarding the wearing of the absurd security vests is totally disrespectful of the young men and women who represent MSS both on and off the ice, and the people of Manitoulin Island.

In my opinion this propaganda letter and the wearing of the security vest was only meant to be a scare tactic for both players and fans, which is undeserving.

In my opinion the person or persons responsible for this action should be ashamed. This action was not appropriate and uncalled for. The players and fans and the public have done nothing to deserve this treatment and it must come to a stop immediately.

The parents, grandparents, fans and friends of the team do not want this fiasco to go on any further.

The team and fans and general public deserve respect and an apology. We, the people of Manitoulin Island, are not idiots or prisoners who have to be watched by some security force wearing fluorescent vests, or be given this propaganda letter at the game. We, the people of Manitoulin, have supported and cheered our hockey teams for many years and have never had to be reminded how to act at a hockey game.

I have been involved with hockey for over 60 years. I have never seen this despicable action before. If the person who is responsible for this action does not like hockey, then please stay out of the rinks.

I am sure that no other school in our league or in the province has this propaganda letter and fear tactics. Hopefully, when this fiasco comes to an end we can all get back to supporting and cheering for our teams and, yes, to let the refs know when they have made a bad call or missed a call.

Hopefully in the near future, when this is behind us, our team and fans can get their team spirit back without the threat of discipline and start winning again. To all the fans young and old, next game bring your noisemakers and show our team how loud we can be!

Bob Lewis

South Baymouth