Robinson services board welcomes MTO decision on three-way stop signs

SILVER WATER—The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has given its approval for stop signs to be installed to form a three way stop in Silver Water on Highway 540 and the Burnt Island road, which has been a major concern for local residents for many years because of the potential for serious motor vehicle accidents.

“We have been advised by the MTO that there will be a three way stop at the corner (Highway 540 and the turnoff road to Burnt Island road),” Lloyd Steeves, a member of the Robinson Township Local Service Board, told the Recorder last week. “There has been at least one accident and many close calls at that corner over the years, so this three way stop will hopefully make a difference.”

Murray Duncanson, chair of the local service board, confirmed, “we have received confirmation that there will be a three way stop sign stop established at Highway 540 and Burnt Island road in Silver Water. We have received two letters, noting that this is in process. The MTO (Ministry of Transportation) sent us a letter nine months ago indicating this action is going to be taken and we received a second letter this spring reaffirming that this will be done.”

“The second letter we received was from Loan Le, in the EIT provincial highway management department for the MTO Northeast region traffic section, indicating, “further to the letter of November 5, 2013, we are processing a three way stop sign at the intersection of Highway 540 and Burnt Island Road in Robinson Township.”

“Our MPP Michael Mantha had sent a letter to the MTO as well, and it was through him and his office assistant Grant Buck that we got some results on this,” said Mr. Duncanson. “The MTO sent some guys out to look at what could be done.”

“I agree with them that the three way stop sign option was the most logical way of doing things,” said Mr. Duncanson. “We have had at least one serious accident here when a transport truck hit a car and the people in the car were seriously injured—there have been many other very close calls.”

Mr. Duncanson noted that residents of Meldrum Bay, Silver Water, Sheshegwaning and Zhiibaahaasing had signed a petition calling for action to be taken by the MTO as well.

“There has already been a stop sign in place already for drivers on the road coming out of Burnt Island, and two more will be installed on the highway for those travelling from Meldrum Bay and one past the Silver Water Community Hall on that corner. It’s people going onto Burnt Island road from the highway that have caused the most danger because they go straight through without slowing down or stopping.”

“We’re still waiting for the stop signs to go up, it’s been a long time coming, but we did get some results and it will be a safety benefit for everyone,” added Mr. Duncanson.