Request for creation of resource committee to give input on Gore Bay revitalization to be considered

GORE BAY—A small group of Gore Bay residents have indicated they would like to be active members as part of a proposed resource committee for the purpose of providing input into the town’s downtown revitalization project team.

At a Gore Bay governance committee meeting January 30, it was pointed out the town has received provincial funding of $38,412.52 from the province of Ontario through the Ontario Main Street Revitalization Initiative. These monies are to be spent by March 31, 2020.

The town, which is also applying for additional funding, has made preliminary plans for the work they would like to see take place in terms of such things as lighting, sidewalks and more benches for Main Street. 

Gore Bay residents Nancy Clark, Joan Prior and Beulah Hester met with the governance committee. Ms. Hester explained, “we are asking that a resource committee be created for the purpose of the Downtown Revitalization Project and that we be allowed input as a sub-committee. Below are recommendations for your consideration of downtown Meredith Street.”

Ms. Hester pointed out one of the recommendations was for lamp posts with hanging baskets being put in place, and two locations with lights across Meredith Street. It was further suggested lights should be installed on the trees on a timer from dusk to dawn for year round enjoyment.

As well it is being recommended that trees should remain and be trimmed semi-annually by an arborist. “The interlocking brick is unique and should be preserved,” said Ms. Hester. “By installing a root-excluding base beneath the concrete which must be at least 18 inches deep and the top must be above the soil and mulch surface to be effective will control the root problem,” noting the latter was information derived from the Research Laboratory Technical Report done by Bartlett Tree Experts.

As well the group would like to have the number of garbage cans on Meredith Street and the boardwalk increased as well as an increase in benches.

Deputy clerk Stasia Carr has started the process of pricing the lamp posts and lights, the committee was told.

“And we don’t mind doing some of the legwork on the project,” said Ms. Hester. 

“I’m very happy with this to have volunteers come forward,” said Councillor Kevin Woestenenk. “Thanks for volunteering.”

It was pointed out this proposed resource committee would be able to make recommendations and provide input but it would be council that would be making the decisions on the work that will be carried out as part of the downtown revitalization. 

The committee agreed to recommend to council that this resource committee be formed and they would report back to council. The recommendation will be considered at an upcoming council meeting.