Providence Bay News and Notes

We hope the people in Mindemoya Hospital will be feeling better soon.

Manitoulin Secondary School is hosting Relay for Life this Friday, May 30 through Saturday, May 3l. The Community of Christ is having a team—the Caped Crusaders.

Hello Joy Hopkins. Community of Christ in Providence Bay is thinking of you.

On Friday, June l3 the Community of Christ barbecue and scavenger hunt will be held at 5:30 pm and all are welcome.

A big thank you to Janet Fathers and Pat Burke. They did a great job putting together a Meet and Greet of Lea, Providence Bay’s newest baby. There was a great crowd and a light lunch was served and a “Lea” cone was given to everyone. The weather was perfect for her special day. It was a great idea.

Wendy and Rick Hibma are visiting from London. They have been visiting their friends on Manitoulin. It is always nice to see them.

Marlene and Darrel Dewar went to their daughter’s wedding on Saturday. Congratulations.

It was nice to see Alec Dawson on Sunday. We hope he will be feeling better each day.

Remember our seniors and veterans and please keep in touch with them.

Have a great week and remember to smile when you meet someone.

Call if you have any news, Gloria, at 705-377-4449.