OPP reminds vehicle owners to lock it or lose it

ESPANOLA –The theft of your motor vehicle, or the theft of the contents in your vehicle, can be a traumatic and frustrating experience. A professional can steal your vehicle in just 30 seconds – without the key. The Ontario Provincial Police is encouraging citizens to “Lock It or Lose It.” The goal of the OPP is to encourage drivers to take a few simple precautions that will protect their vehicles from theft. An unlocked door or an open window is an invitation to thieves.  There are a few easy things that vehicle owners can do to prevent theft:

  • Roll up their vehicles’ windows;
  • Keep valuables out of sight or remove them from your vehicle;
  •  Lock their doors; and
  • Pocket their keys.

Auto theft costs Canadians more than $1 billion every year. About half of all stolen vehicles are used to commit another crime or are driven – often recklessly – for simple purposes of transportation (this is called ‘destination theft’). In these cases, the thieves are usually amateurs who take advantage of owner negligence by grabbing the first vehicle they can find that’s been left unsecured. In the other half of cases, vehicles are stolen by professional thieves involved in organized crime rings. The key to protecting your vehicle is in your hands. Keep yourself from becoming an easy target by properly securing your vehicle. Remember: Lock It or Lose It!

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