Ontario PCs Reveal Plan To Balance The Budget By 2016

Sudbury, ON – Today, the Ontario PCs unveiled their turnaround plan, which will balance the

budget in two years, boost economic confidence, and bring well-paying jobs back to Ontario.

“Our government is growing at a rate that we can’t afford to keep up with,”MPP candidate Paula Peroni said. “We’re spending more than ever with money we don’t have, and piling up enormous debt.”

“The real tragedy is this reckless overspending is costing us jobs. Good, middle-class jobs in the private sector,”Paula continued. “The more the government spends, the longer we will stay in this economic rut and the more jobs we will lose.”

The Ontario PCs Million Jobs Plan will balance the budget by 2016, by taking decisive action, including:

  • An across-the-board wage freeze for every government worker, including MPPs;
  • Shrink the size of cabinet from 27 to 16 Ministers;
  • Lowering spending in every area of government but health care;
  • Reducing the number of government employees by 100,000, and;
  •  Encourage better service through competition

Only the Ontario PC Party will take the action necessary to balance the budget by 2016, and get Ontario working better.

– Ontario PC Press Release