Officer injured during suspect vehicle stop at Coniston Mall

SUDBURY–On Tuesday November 4th at shortly after 8:30 pm, plainclothes officers (wearing clearly marked large Police identifiers on their clothing) in unmarked vehicles had stopped a suspect vehicle on Amanda St, Coniston in the parking lot of the Coniston Mall.

The passenger had exited the vehicle and officers were affecting an arrest when the 28 year old female suspect jumped back into the vehicle and the 21 year old male suspect who was still in the driver’s seat reversed his vehicle at a high rate of speed into an unmarked police vehicle.

The arresting officer was caught by the open door and dragged a short distance until another officer in an unmarked vehicle was able to pin the vehicle stopping in from moving. Both suspects were taken into custody.

The officer was taken to Health Sciences North where he was treated and released for non-life threatening injuries.

The 28 year old Sudbury woman is being held for a bail hearing having been arrested for Trafficking Narcotics, Resist Arrest, Possession of CDSA (Fentanyl) and Breaching court orders x 3.

The 21 year old Sudbury man is being held for a bail hearing having been arrested for Dangerous Driving, Resist Arrest, Assault Police Officer With A Weapon (vehicle) x 2, and Possess CDSA (Fentanyl).