Northeast Town Council Notes

Country Fest donation

Council reviewed a list of requests that were made by the organizers of Manitoulin Country Fest through a deputation last month.

Council carried a motion to approve the majority of requests, excluding the donation request of tables, chairs and NIM bins.

Sudbury Hyundai

Council reviewed a request from Sudbury Hyundai to leave their oversized billboard sign on the Highway 6 lot in Little Current.

Councillor Michael Erskine asked if the sign interfered with sight lines.

Mr. Williamson responded that the manager of public works was present when the sign was placed temporarily for the Trade Fair and that it did not interfere with driving sight lines.

Councillor Paul Skippen noted that it was nice to see the lot’s lawn is cut and that maybe in the future a building might go up.

Councillor Melissa Peters said, “I do not believe that that sign belongs in an urban area and it is not in support of Island business.”

Councillor Erksine commented that it is zoned commercial and questioned if now that the sign and sale of cars on the lot is permanent, if the taxes would change as it has gone from commercial vacant to commercial.

Mr. Williamson responded that since the lot was now being used as commercial it would indeed increase the tax burden.

Councillor Marcel Gauthier stated, “What about the local guys (car dealers)?”

In a recorded vote, Councillors Laurie Cook, Marcel Gauthier and Melissa Peters voted against the motion. Councillors Michael Erskine, Bill Koehler, Dawn Orr, Paul Skippen, Bruce Wood and Mayor MacNevin voted in favour of the motion. The motion was carried.


Council carried a motion to accept a tender from Calvin Pearson for $7,920.37 including HST for HL3 (gravel). Council also carried a motion to accept a tender from Pioneer Construction for $160,460 including HST to pave one kilometre of Townline Road.

Financial statements

Town Treasurer Sheryl Wilkin reviewed the accounts receivable with council.

For water/sewer, Ms. Wilkin reported that there had been $45,568.55 made in payments in May.

“Currently there are 13 accounts over the $400 limit,” she said. “Arrangements have been made with six account holders, two were over the limit due to penalty applied, one has been disconnected and four account holders will receive disconnection notices.”

For taxes, Ms. Wilkin said that there were $284,011.46 in payments made in May.