New marina pumps to take up to six weeks

TEHKUMMAH—Council was sent scrambling following the opening of tenders for the replacement of a fuel dispensing pump for the South Baymouth Marina when they learned the timeline for the new pumps to come in could take from four to six weeks.

The three bids opened at the council table, which included the removal of the existing pumps, supply and installation of syphon lines between fuel tank compartments, included the winning bid of $14,850 from J. R. Hendry, and bids of $21,200 from Waggs and $20,680.44 from PSL.

Questioned on the timelines and whether one of the losing bids could bring the changeover sooner, clerk treasurer Karen Gerrard noted that the other bids had indicated six and eight weeks for the work to be completed.

One commercial operator in the audience who had earlier noted that he had been hauling 25-gallon drums of fuel to his vessel left the meeting voicing his frustration.

Council members were also clearly upset about the timeframe. “This is someone’s livelihood we are dealing with here,” said Councillor Laurie Leeson.

Councillor Laird Lee asked if the equipment was equivalent across suppliers, which was determined to be the case.

As discussion unfolded it was suggested that the marina fuel tanks would be pumped clear of regular gasoline and filled with enough to bridge the timeframe necessary to bring in the new pumps and that the winning bid contractor would be approached to expedite the acquisition and installation of the replacement equipment.

In other tenders opened during the June 13 meeting Superior Propane’s bid of 51 cents per litre fixed for one year, with no tank rental at all three locations, won. Manitoulin Fuels had bid 68.9 cents per litre with monthly tank rentals of $40 per location.

In gravel tenders, Mike Varey and Sons Excavating had the winning bid of $14.44 per cubic metre for gravel. C. Pearson and Son Excavating had bid $14.77 per cubic metre. The bids are subject to material testing and determination of suitability of material by the town’s public works department.