MSS Kids in the Halls

It’s almost halfway through second semester which is very hard to believe. The Mustangs are keeping busy with their academics and extracurriculars! Students are looking forward to the next few four-day weeks along with the long weekends and Easter! A spring joke for you: What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backwards? A receding hare line. 

The MSS gymnastics team travelled to Napanee from April 2-3 to compete. Three MSS gymnasts, Mary Hore, Mackenzie Cortes and Summer Beaudin placed in the top three in their respective divisions! Congratulations! The team did very well overall and is now preparing for their next few meets in early May! Great job, Mustangs! Keep up the good work!

From March 28-30, the MSS Robotics team ‘Manitoulin Metal 6865’ was in North Bay competing at Nipissing University in the First Robotics district championship. Team members took on various roles including design, construction, graphic design, business, media, social media, operations, safety and scouting. The team includes J.D. Herlehy, Douglas Robinson and Emily Savage, Lindsay Sheppard, Lavitz Young, Jake Brasil, Amber Wahl, Dana Thomson, Ryan Goddard and Darwin Wood, and Kassandra Bordeleau with mentors Allan Davy, Yana Bauer and Cassandra Kuntsi. Overall, the team placed 30th out of 33 teams. Good job, Mustangs! 

A robot joke for you: Why was the robot mad? Because people kept pushing its buttons. 

On Wednesday, April 3, the MSS badminton team competed in Espanola. A shout out to doubles pair Ayriell Nodecker and Darci Debassige and singles Dylan Corbiere and Kaitlyn Keatley for placing in the top three in your respective divisions. Congratulations to each and every player and good luck at your next competition!

Last weekend, from April 5-7, the MSS robotics team ‘Manitoulin Metal 6865’ competed at the second district championship at McMaster University in Hamilton. The team and robots did very well! 

Today, Wednesday, April 10 is Pink Day! Rainbow Schools staff and students wore pink today to mark the International Day of Pink. A day where communities across the world unite against bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. Pink Day is part of Rainbow District School Board’s ongoing efforts to build community and promote inclusion. Please join us and wear pink today!

Graduation pictures are coming to MSS. If you are graduating this year, please make sure that you sign up for an appointment. Please see the guidance office or listen to the morning announcements for more information. 

As part of the 50th anniversary of Manitoulin Secondary School, renovations are being done throughout the school. Currently there are renovations being done to C3-C5 as well as the handicap washrooms. More renovations are to come over the next little while. 

Joke of the week: What’s the freshest herb you can find in April? Spring-thyme!

Upcoming events include badminton, Joan Mantle Trust Fund Music concert, Easter and more!

Until next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!