MSS Kids in the Halls

With the last day of the school year on Thursday, June 29, the MSS Mustangs will officially be on their summer break. The Students’ Council election that took place on June 19 was a great look ahead to next year. The 2017-2018 Students’ Council will consist of the following school leaders: Co- Prime Ministers April Torkopolous and Jacob Maxwell, Vice Prime Minister Josh Noble, AV Technician Isaac Gosse, Secretary and Treasurer Victoria MacDonald, Spirit Representative Delaney Madore, Fundraising Representative Alicia Williamson, Junior Representative Larissa Chevrette, Special Events Coordinator Amber Wahl, and me in the role of Public Relations. The staff supervisors of the Council will be Ms. Elgie and Mr. Zegil. Their first official event of the 2017-18 school year is the Grade 9 barbecue on August 30.

June 21 was National Aboriginal Day, and to celebrate the culture, the Three Fires Confederacy was giving away free Indian Tacos to all students who wanted one. Mr. Trudeau also organized a game of Capture the Flag on the soccer field. Twenty students enjoyed the game, and it was only cut short by the bell.

Also on June 21, Magical Paws brought in their dogs to the school to help students de-stress before their exams. Students were seen sitting with dogs on the floor of the cafeteria, looking extremely happy. Students have also been participating in extra sports to relieve some of that crunch time stress: Ultimate frisbee, basketball and tennis.

Mr. Scott, the director of the amazing musicals, has announced that in 2017-18 School, MSS will be staging the quintessential musical ‘The Sound of Music.’ After a number of successful productions including ‘Anything Goes,’ ‘Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,’ ‘Oklahoma,’ and ‘Once Upon a Mattress’, the next production is highly anticipated. The production team is already making plans and auditions will take place in October, including open auditions for elementary students.

After what seemed like a short school year, MSS has to say goodbye to three teachers. Ms. Wilson was an English teacher at MSS and is now retiring. Dr. Johnston taught math, science and physics. Mr. Smith taught literacy and math. All these teachers will be missed in the halls of our school.

Students and staff are ready for their fun-filled, exciting summers that include working, travelling, hanging out with friends, sailing, camp counselling and more. ‘Til September, enjoy your summers and stay golden, Mustangs.