Moving tax deadlines the right thing to do, says MP


ELLIOT LAKE – As Canada works to limit the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing MP Carol Hughes said she is pleased the government is moving important dates related to filing and the payment of taxes, according to a release.

The changes announced March 18 will give Canadians more time to file taxes and to pay any taxes owed.

“This is something I had asked the minister to consider,” said Ms. Hughes. “It will help with the efforts to self-isolate as many people as possible while removing some of the anxiety individuals may experience related to these deadlines.”

Ms. Hughes noted the new June 1 deadline for filing taxes will ease the concerns of those who may require assistance filing their return. Similarly, moving the deadline for businesses or individuals to pay any money owed for taxes to August 31 builds time into the process to allow people to better understand how the pandemic will affect their finances.

“We have enough to concern ourselves with as we work to limit this virus,” said Ms. Hughes. “That’s why my New Democrat colleagues and I have been reminding the government of considerations like official deadlines that can weigh heavily on people at the best of times.”

Ms. Hughes had asked the minister of National Revenue to extend the deadline for income tax filing for this year and to ensure that the Canada Child Tax Benefit, the Disability Tax Credit, The Guaranteed Income Supplement and other similar benefits are maintained in the interim so that Canadians are not unduly impacted.

“We understand what can happen to these benefits when taxes aren’t filed on time, which is why it’s important to consider as many implications and outcomes as possible,” said Ms. Hughes. “I would like to reassure the people I represent that my colleagues and I will continue to work with the government to deliver more measures to help protect Canadians with initiatives.”