Meditation seminar held at Sheg. Seniors’ Hall

Attendees of the Ishayas’ Ascension two-day seminar in Sheguiandah sit down to a potluck vegetarian lunch during a break. photo by Michael Erskine

SHEGUIANDAH—The benefits of meditation, both mental and physical, are becoming widely accepted these days and instructors from the The Bright Path Canada were on hand for a two day seminar on The Ishayas’ Ascension method at the Sheguiandah Seniors’ Hall this past weekend.

“The meditation we teach is simple, natural and powerful,” said Alokakari Angela Montin. “Ishaya means ‘for higher consciousness’ and ascension means to ‘rise beyond’ the self defeating beliefs and judgments which keep the mind in conflict and the heart in pain.”

Ms. Montin stressed that Ishayas’ Ascension is not a belief system or some kind of new or old religion. “There are four techniques called ‘Ascension Attitudes’ and these are based on the natural movement of the mind towards praise, gratitude, love and compassion.”

“These techniques move the mind inward, and by moving the mind inward naturally all chaotic modes of functioning are surpassed,” she said. “The mind arrives at its natural state of silence.”

Meditation at its core is bringing the mind into the present, instilling a condition that is sometimes referred to as “living in the present.”

“I have found this very exciting,” said Peter Nelson of Gore Bay, who noted that he has explored a number of meditation techniques in the past few years. “This has really been very enlightening.”

Living in the present, bringing the mind into the present, helps relieve much of the stress that people feel in their lives—stresses that largely stem from worrying about things in the past or things that may come in the future.

According to the Ishayas’ Ascension, applying the technique two or three times a day, for 20 minutes with the eyes closed, can allow the “body’s natural healing tendencies to activate, permanently clearing the nervous system of stress.”

Its practitioners claim that the benefits of using Ishayas’ Ascension is that, with regular use, “one’s ability to handle life’s challenges in the present moment increases—bringing less anxiety and worry.”

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