Manitoulin Transport donates $10,000 to Manitoulin Streams

SUDBURY—Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association (MSIA) has received funding for some of its main projects to be carried out this summer from Manitoulin Transport and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH).

“At our annual meeting (held this past Saturday in Sudbury) we passed a motion to provide funding of $2,500 to Manitoulin Streams and $4,000 to the United Walleye Club,” said Roy Polsky, president of the OFAH Zone D, on Sunday.

The funding being provided for MSIA, “will go toward its Mindemoya river enhancement strategy project,” said Mr. Polsky.

Seija Deschenes, coordinator of Manitoulin Streams confirmed, “we received $2,500 from the OFAH Zone D towards three projects we will be carrying out. We have also received a donation of $10,000 from Manitoulin Transport and Jeff Smith (of Manitoulin Transport) has confirmed funding of $10,000 as well for 2017. They (Manitoulin Transport) have been so supportive of our initiatives over the years and support various other programs around the Island as well.”

“We have had great support from both Manitoulin Transport and the OFAH Zone D over the years,” said Ms. Deschenes. She pointed out the funding provided will also help to leverage funds from other funding sources as well.

Jeff Smith of Manitoulin Transport confirmed, “we have committed support to Manitoulin Streams of $10,000 both this year and 2017. It is part of our continuing support of this group and the important work they do on Manitoulin.”

“Manitoulin Streams is a great group and when you can provide funding to an organization like this you feel good because you know the funds will be used very wisely for their remedial stream restoration and enhancement work and improving fish habitat,” said Mr. Smith. “They have done a lot of work on the Island.”

The projects slated to be carried out by Manitoulin Streams this summer include two on the Mindemoya River and one on Manitowaning River. Ms. Deschenes explained, “two projects will take place on Mindemoya, Site 624 at the lower end of the river, where a high embankment has been eroding over prime fish spawning area. The second is Site 680 toward the mouth of the river and Fulford’s cottages on the Michael’s Bay road, where the embankment on the road is eroding and compressing, and we want to enhance this area before problems occur. This is another good spawning area for fish.”

“We are very pleased with the financial support we have received from Manitoulin Transport and the OFAH Zone D,” said Ms. Deschenes. She noted as well, “because we are a non-profit group, if people would like to make a donation to our group towards our projects, we can provide a tax receipt to donors. All the funds we receive go toward restorative projects.”