Manitoulin snow drags race draws lots of participants and spectators

The competition was fast and furious as the second annual Manitoulin Snow Drags races were held this past Saturday in Spring Bay. About 90 participants took part in the day’s races.

SPRING BAY—The second annual Manitoulin Snow Drags held this past Saturday in Spring Bay were a huge success.

“Yes, it was a success,” Rob Cranston, the main organizer of the event told The Recorder on Sunday.
“I counted 90 participants and a couple of people said there must have been close to 150 spectators.”

Mr. Cranston explained, “we’re going to be holding another race in March and it will probably be even bigger. I know there were a bunch of people that probably would have taken part but they are away this weekend playing hockey or skiing.”

There were many different categories for participants to race in. In the stock non-studded 250cc division taking first place was Caleb Byers, followed by Cade McCurdy in second; in the 340cc division Dennis McCurdy was first followed by Josh Guenette and Ben Dewar in second and third, respectively; Dennis McCurdy was also first in the 440cc category, with Cade McCoy taking second spot. And in the 800cc division, David Middaugh took top spot with Chris White second.

Alayna Cranston took top spot in the stock studded 500cc division, with Caleb Byers second and Sammy Stoneypoint in third; Rob Cranston took top spot in the 600cc, with Alayna Cranston second and Freddy Roy in third; the 700cc division saw Greg Howson first, followed by Brooke Addison second, Alayna Cranston third and Cole Chisholm fourth. 

Taking first in the 800cc division was Cheyenne Corbiere, followed by Greg Howson in second and Freddy Roy third; and in the open division Dan Amyull took first, Greg Howson was second, Cole Corbiere third and Darren Dewar fourth.

The kids’ division saw Ariella Lanktree in top spot with Lorne Middaugh second.

The improved category saw Josh Guenette in first in the 600cc category with Brandon Croft second, Alayna Cranston third and Freddy Roy fourth; the 700cc division saw Greg Howson first, Brooke Addison second, Josh Guenette third and Brandon Croft fourth. In the 800cc category finishing from first to fourth was Cole Corbiere, Roman Roy, Cheyenne Corbiere and Dennis McCurdy; the open division saw Kevin Mossip take top spot, Digger Clark second, Dan Amyull third and Darren Dewar fourth. And in the outlaw category Kevin Mossip took top spot followed by Dan Amyull and Roman Roy in second and third, respectively. 

In the vintage division, 500cc, Alayna Cranston was first, Caleb Byers second, Ben Dewar third and Steven White fourth; the 600cc division saw Rob Cranston first, Digger Clark second, Bert Gagne third and Alayna Cranston in fourth; the 700cc division saw Cole Chisholm take first place, followed by Alayna Cranston second and Eli Sloss third. In the under 300 category, Alayna Cranston was first, Cade McCurdy second, Caleb Byers third and Steven White fourth. And in the 340 division, Dennis McCurdy took top spot followed by Brooke Addison, Alayna Cranston and Dennis McCurdy from second to fourth.

Mr. Cranston said, “we will be holding a similar race on March 2 in the same location (Hartley Side Road in Spring Bay).” He added, “all the funds raised from this Saturday’s races will be going to the Manitoulin Island Dirt Riders Association; this will go to pay the insurance for kids to ride all year.”