Manitoulin Secondary School to hold snowmobile fun run

The picket line is now in to Spanish from Gore Bay as are the lines for Little Current to Killarney, Little Current to Whitefish Falls and to Killarney, and a new line from Honora Bay to M’Chigeeng.

M’CHIGEENG—Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) will be hosting a snowmobile fun run next month involving students and staff at the school along with various other organizations. The fun run will provide an educational component on snowmobiling, as well as what is sure to be a lot of fun.

“We’re going to be holding a snowmobile fun run February 11-12 and have a bunch of people and organizations in the community taking part,” said Allan Davy, a teacher at MSS, on Monday.

Mr. Davy explained on February 11, “officers with the Ontario Provincial Police and the UCCM police will be putting on a seminar concerning rules and regulations in regard to the Snow Vehicle act. During the second half of the morning students will take part in a wilderness survival training program, with Rob Mellan or Al Haner of the OPP being the speaker.”

“After lunch the afternoon will start with Monic Shaw of the EMS providing a seminar on trailside first aid,” said Mr. Davy. “The students will be taught, for example, what they should do if they come across an accident on a trail. Brad Middleton of the Manitoulin Snowdusters will be discussing things like where the money goes for those who pay their snowmobile trail permits, trails on the Island and why trails are occasionally closed.”

“On Friday, February 12 officers with the UCCM police will join the participating students and staff on a ride to Little Current and South Baymouth and back and we’ll stop for lunch along the way,” said Mr. Davy. “We will also have four other people from the Snowdusters taking part, and parents as well.”

While this year’s fun day experience will be for students only, “next year we will open it up to the entire community,” said Mr. Davy. He pointed out 20 MSS students have signed up for the fun run thus far, and provided their snowmobile license and insurance for the sleds they will be using.

“Next year we are hoping to stage a roadside collision and involve Monic Shaw with EMS and the Central Manitoulin Fire Department along with the students,” said Mr. Davy. “The kids will apply what they have learned and, in subsequent years, we hope to switch things up with scenarios involving conservation officers and mechanical trails-snow machine maintenance seminars.”