Manitoulin Lodge nursing home employee wins the Roberta Jarlette Memorial Award

Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home employee Laura Lewis, left, recently received the Roberta Jarlette Memorial Award from Manitoulin Lodge parent company Jarlette Health Services. Manitoulin Lodge resident Howie Lauber, right, was also honoured with a ‘making an outstanding difference in the lives of others’ award.

Lodge resident receives ‘making a difference in the lives of others’ award 

GORE BAY – A Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home employee and a Manitoulin Lodge resident have both been recognized and awarded by Jarlette Health Services for their tremendous work and contributions to the Gore Bay nursing home.

Employee Laura Lewis was nominated by Manitoulin Lodge for the Roberta Jarlette Memorial Award, and Lodge resident Howie Lauber was recognized with a ‘making an outstanding difference in the lives of others’ award.

“Laura exemplifies the core values of Jarlette Heath Services,” stated Susan Farren, administrator/director of care of the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home, in an interview she and Gloria Hall, activities co-ordinator at the Lodge, had with the Recorder last Friday. She pointed out these core values include: “everything we do is with commitment and passion, we treat people with respect, we are proactively accountable and responsible, we always strive to do the right thing.” And the core purpose is “to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others.”

“Laura is very dedicated; she goes above and beyond for residents,” said Ms. Hall.

Ms. Farren pointed out, “for instance, Laura does woodworking, and one of things she did was create a tablet holder for one of the residents, something she did on her own. The tablet holder was mounted on the wall (in the resident’s room) to keep it from getting damaged.”

“She has also done mending (of socks and the like) for our residents, and she does hair dressing, which is something she did before becoming a personal support worker (PSW),” said Ms. Hall. Ms. Lewis has been a PSW at Manitoulin Lodge since 1994.

“She is very committed to the residents and serves on various committees and task forces such as health and safety and wellness,” said Ms. Farren. “And Laura is always willing to help with activities; for instance, she helps decorate the floats and then participates in Christmas parades by being one of those on the float,” said Ms. Hall. “She is also a great advocate for Lodge staff as well. She is very proactive; if something can be done to improve things for residents she is always there.” 

Community relations co-ordinator Stephanie Barber, at a ceremony held recently to introduce Roberta Jarlette Memorial Award nominations, said of Ms. Lewis, “this year we are also recognizing front-line staff who are ideal representatives of employees serving in senior living communities. The nominees that I will call up momentarily exemplify the organization’s values of commitment, passion, respect, proactive accountability and responsibility, and always doing the right thing. And our core purpose: to make an outstanding difference in the lives of others. One nominee from each of our long-term care homes and retirement lodges will be selected by a committee in the coming months and announced at the end of the year. The selection committee will evaluate how the employees are champions of seniors’ services, how they inspire and maintain positive relationships with fellow staff members and how their passion for making connections with the residents has benefited the homes and lodges within which they work.”

At the same ceremony, Manitoulin Lodge resident Howie Lauber received a ‘making a difference in the life of others’ award.

Ms. Baker read the nomination for his award nomination. “Bernard Howard Lauber was born on August 16, 1934 in Williamstown, Ontario to parents Dennis and Patricia.

He is the oldest of three children. Howie, as he likes to be called, has two younger sisters.

He married the love of his life, Patricia, on November 12, 1955. They shared their love and admiration for over 60 years. They have two children, Tim and Donna, and five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Howie started public school in Williamstown, then moved to Quebec. He went to Loyola High School in Montreal. Here he played hockey for the Lachine Maroons as a goalie.

He worked at the Dorval Airport as a meteorologist, then in finances in Sault Ste. Marie. He moved to Sudbury in 1977 where he worked for the federal government in the CRA. 

Howie was very athletic and played catcher in a men’s baseball league. He also played senior hockey and fastball in the Montreal area.

He also loves to fish, hunt and trap. Howie is known as the ‘outdoors guy.’

Howie enjoyed volunteering with Meals on Wheels for many years and also volunteered at Health Sciences North and did fundraising for United Way. He also installed medical alert systems in homes.

Howie has been retired for 24 years, and since moving into the Manitoulin Lodge he has been a great resident advocate. He is president of the resident council and keeps everyone on their toes. He is a member of the food council and often has input into the menu offered. And he is very safety conscious, making sure his home is safe. He checks many areas for safety compliance. He loves to ensure our courtyard is looking beautiful by planting, weeding and caring for the plants. He also welcomes new residents, making them feel more at ease.

Earlier this year at the volunteer appreciation event, Howie helped with the entertainment by singing a few songs. He also had the history of the songs memorized and we learned a lot about the songs’ meaning and who wrote and sang it.

“It gives me great pleasure to present this ‘making a difference award’ to Howie. Congratulations,” added Ms. Baker.