Major lawsuit filed against companies that make glyphosate-based Roundup

KAGAWONG – A prominent law firm has spearheaded a major lawsuit against those companies that make Roundup herbicide, alleging the chemical ingredient in the product, glyphosate, can cause various health risks. 

“Yes, this is what we have been saying as a group on Manitoulin Island for a long time, and if you read the lawyers’ comments, they are saying they are not just looking for punitive damage, but to put it on record that authorities have been dodging the issue for a long time and need to do something about it,” stated Paul Darlaston of Kagawong, in response to a report by CBC News last week that a group of lawyers in Canada is launching a $500 million class-action against the makers of Roundup.

Diamond and Diamond, a national personal injury law firm in Canada, is spearheading a $500 miilion class-action lawsuit various Roundup makers, including pharmaceutical company Bayer, the owner of Roundup-maker Monsanto.

Roundup is a weed killer that contains glyphosate, a herbicide chemical often used by homeowners to treat their lawns.

As CBC News reported, there have been many lawsuits filed across North America alleging that glyphosate can cause health problems including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. In the US alone, there have been about 18,000 lawsuits filed against the makers of Roundup.

Diamond and Diamond is calling this Canada’s largest class-action lawsuit against Roundup makers, reports CBC. There are currently more than 60 individuals named as plaintiffs, but the firm said they believe thousands may have been affected. This year, there have already been lawsuits against Roundup manufacturers filed in BC, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This one would be their first class action in Canada and it follows the likes of class-action lawsuits filed in the US. 

Mr. Darlaston pointed out that Darryl Singer of Diamond and Diamond has indicated the plaintiffs involved in the class-action lawsuit are looking not only for financial compensation, but also “behaviour modification” so that the same thing doesn’t happen again in the future with other products in Canada, pointing out the plaintiffs have been diagnosed with other forms of cancer, like brain and lung cancer, and some of his clients are acting on behalf of an estate.

Bayer Canada said it will “vigorously defend” its products, according to a statement the company provided to CBC News.