Local residents take part in packed Mackinac Bridge walk

Laurie Zahnow and Peter Carter of Evansville both took part in the 60-second annual Mackinac Bridge Walk held Monday, September 2.

MACKINAC CITY, MICH. – There were at least two Manitoulin Islanders among the estimated 30,000 people who took part in the 62nd annual Mackinac Bridge Walk, held Monday, September 2.

“It was fun and is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Laurie Zahnow who, along with her husband Peter Carter, both of Evansville, were among those that took part in the walk. She pointed out that in the past, as a teacher and principal she had never had the opportunity to take part in the annual Labour Day walk. 

“The bridge was full of people,” said Ms. Zahnow, noting the bridge is five miles across. The walk took place from 6:30 am to noon. 

“It was windy so the bridge was swaying a little as we went across,” she said, adding, “there was a lot of security personnel on hand, at least three security people on the lookout of the bridge. And they weren’t letting boats through; even freighters were stopped from approaching and travelling under the bridge.”

“It’s definitely cool to take part and everything is run really well,” said Ms. Zahnow. 

This year’s walk brought an estimated 30,000 participants, an increase from approximately 25,000 in 2018 and 2017, the Michigan Department of Transportation reported. The bridge is closed to vehicular traffic during the walk. Emergency vehicles are still permitted to cross the bridge during the event, but no public vehicles were allowed until the walk concluded and participants were off the bridge.