LETTERS: Some people just can’t let go of their crazy ideas

We need the revenue from gas and oil lines to support health care and social programs

To the Expositor:

The US president just cannot seem to let go of his border wall. 

Today, there is no such thing as ‘this is my land.’ We have to share the land and its resources, it does not matter what nationality you may be, but we have lots of idiots who may think this way. When God created this earth it was for everybody, not just for some people. 

Today, I agree that we need these gas and oil lines because of the revenue that comes from this industry that does support some of our heath care and our social programs. Without this industry we might not have these social programs used for people who are trying to block it. Think again, this industry is very important to this country. If Donald Trump has his way with the border wall, well maybe his next target will be Canada. He will build a border wall right across Canada because he is the kind of guy who would do such a thing.

Ron Osawabine