Letters: News of a Tim Hortons coming to Manitoulin fails to thrill

A fast food franchise will diminish the Island’s specialness

To the Expositor:

I read recently that Tim Hortons is coming to Little Current. This news does not thrill me. 

I guess I am one of those who enjoys the fact that Manitoulin is a place unlike anywhere else. The addition of a fast food outlet seems to me to diminish this specialness. To be fair, council obeyed all of the existing regulations and made a businesslike decision. Tim Hortons is a business and will live or die by the bottom line. 

So as for me, I won’t be spending any nickels at Tim Hortons. 

If I want a coffee (and/or something really tasty), I’ll make my way to Water Street and spend my money at Loco Beanz. Great products, great people. 

They’ve been looking after us, and now we should look after them. The way I see it, anyway.

Art Moore

Lively and Lake Kagawong